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Latin 4 Caesar 1

Latin 4 Caesar Frequency List 1 Vocabulary Cards

Aduuco Draw to, influence
Ager Field, land, farm
Alius Other, another, else
Apud Among, at the house of (acc.)
Aut Or/either or
Autem However, moreover
Belgae Belgians
Bellum War
Carrus Wagon, cart
Causa Reason, cause, case
Conficio To exhaust, finish
Confirmo Make strong, confirm, strengthen
Constituo Decide, establish, resolve
Contendo Strive, hasten, contend
Copia Abundance, supply, troops
Fio Become, be made
Flumen River, stream
Frumentum Grain
Finitimus Neighboring, neighbors
Gero Carry (on), wage
Imperium Command, power
Incolo Inhabit, dwell on
Iter Way, road, journey
Magnus Great, large, mighty, important
Minor Less, smaller
Multitudo Multitude, population, people
Obtineo Hold, maintain
Passus Pace
Pertineo To pertain to, reach, extend to
Proelium Battle, combat
Propterea On this account, therefore
Proximus Nearest, very close
Reliquus Remaining, left over
Solus Alone, only, lone, sole
Virtus Valor, manhood, excellece
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