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Section 11.2

Complex Patterns of Inheritance... when mendel's rules don't work

What type of inheritance occurs when a third phenotype is present and it is a blend of the pure parents with with a different form of the trait Incomplete dominance
What type of inheritance occurs when both alleles are expressed in the hybrid it is not a blend between the two parents Codominance
What occurs in snapdragon flowers when red flowers crossed with white flowers produce pink flowers Incomplete dominance
Human condition that is sometimes called recessive and sometimes is said to be inherited by codominance due to new information about the heterozygous condition Sickle-cell disease or Sickle-cell anemia
The allele responsible for sickle -cell disease is particularly common in people of ____ African descent
An advantage for being heterozygous for the sickle-cell trait is a resistance to malaria
What is true about the red blood cells of an individual that is heterozygous for the sickle cell trait they have both normal and sickle-shaped cells
What is occurring in cattle when cows with red hairs and mated to bulls with white hairs and the offspring have both red and white hairs next to each other codominance
What are two major problems that occur with sickle cell anemia sickle shaped cells are not effective at transporting oxygen and they block circulation in small blood vessels
What is defective when you have sickle cell anemia the red blood cell has changes in the hemoglobin and it causes the red blood cell to turn into a C shape ( sickle shape)
Blood Groups in humans show two types of inheritance.List them multiple alleles and codominance
Multiple alleles increases the numbers of ___ and ____ in a population more than just having 2 alleles such as T and t genotypes and phenotypes
What can have multiple alleles an individual or a population a population
What are the 3 alleles that make up the ABO blood groups in humans... give quick description The three alleles are called A, B, and O. (look at page 304 for alternate symbols) A and B are equal and O is recessive..
Give two ways that blood type A occurs ( this is a phenotype)... what are the two genotypes AO is heterozygous and AA is homozygous
Give two ways that blood type B occurs ( this is a phenotype)... What are the two genotypes BO is heterozygous and BB is homozygous
What is special about blood type AB ( a phenotype) It has an A allele and a B alleles which are equal dominance or codominant... .. there is only this one genotype if you have AB blood
What is special about type O blood ( a phenotype) It is a recessive genotype with two O alleles (OO) or you could also write it as ii there is only one genotype for type O blood
Chromosomes that have nothing to do with determining gender are called autosomes
What are the chromosomes that determine gender? explain the sex chromosomes ( X and Y) determine an organisms gender
Which sex chromosomes are found in a female XX
Which sex chromosomes are found in a male XY
Who determines the gender of the offspring and How does it work the male... if he give the offspring an X a girl is produced....if he gives the offspring a Y then a boy is produced
What is the chance of getting a female child or a male child 50% previous children do not enter into this calculation ..all births have a 50/50 chance of being a girl or a boy
traits controlled by genes located on the X chromosomes go by two names.... sex-linked traits or X-linked traits
which sex is more likely to have a sex-linked recessive trait since they only need one recessive gene to have the condition male
which sex is the carrier of a sex-linked recessive trait female
Name two sex-linked recessive traits red-green colorblindness and hemophilia
what is the problem with hemophilia delayed clotting of the blood
What families were well known for having the condition of hemophilia the royal families of England, Germany, Spain and Russia
Traits like skin color, height, eye color, that have continuous variation in the phenotypes .and can be graphed as a bell curve with more intermediate phenotypes that extreme phenotypes polygenic traits
traits determined by an interaction of multiple pairs of genes are called polygenic
What has an effect on phenotype other than genes environment
type of twins used to determine the influence of environment on a genetic trait since they have the same genotype identical twins
type of twins that are just two siblings being born on the same date. they do not have the same genotype fraternal twins
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