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Science Bowl

Science Bowl study questions

What weather phenomenon causes more deaths in the U.S. annually than any other except lightning? Tornadoes
What is given to wood whose normal cells have been replaced with mineral deposits? Petrified wood
Pollination by birds is called ornithophily
Unlike rodents, the rabbit has how many incisor teeth? Four
What percent of fire-related deaths are due to smoke inhalation rather than burns? 80%
To what familiar fruit is the plantain similar? Banana
What U.S. President was recognized as a world authority on American game animals? Theodore Roosevelt
How many men have walked on the moon? 12
The fastest-running terrestrial animal is: Cheetah
In what country do the greatest number of tornadoes occur? United States
What wonder drug was used for three years by the Army and Navy before becoming available to the general public in 1944? Penicillin
Which sea is the saltiest natural lake and is also at the lowest elevation on the face of the earth? The Dead Sea
The scarab, worshipped by the Egyptians, is what type of beetle? Dung Beetle
As you go down into a well, your weight: Decreases Slightly
A cloud at ground level is called what? Fog
What invention in about 1450 A.D. revolutionized communication and the world? The Printing Press
What is the name for the new technology whereby a glass fiber carries as much information as 100 copper wires? Fiber optics
What mammal lays eggs? Platypus
Linseed oil comes from what plant? Flax
Bees must collect nectar from approximately how many flowers to make 1 pound of honeycomb? 20 million
What is the name of the largest North American terrestrial rodent, distinguished by its spiny covering? Porcupine
Albacore is a type of: Tuna
The only species of cat that lives and hunts in groups is: Lion
Linen is made from what plant? Flax
What is arachnology? Study of arachnids (spiders or scorpions)
What is another name for the Paleolithic Age? The Stone Age
What nocturnal animal group makes up one-fourth of all mammals species? Bats
What is the name of the whale that has a long protruding tusk? Narwhal
How many time zones are there on Earth? 24
What land mammal holds the record for the greatest age? man
What is the better known name for the deadly poison prussic acid? cyanide
What colorless, pungent gas is often dissolved in water to yield a solution that is used as a biological preservative? Formaldehyde
What is the rest mass of a photon? 0
What yellow metal is an alloy of copper and zinc? Brass
What is the name given to the process, discovered by Goodyear, of adding sulfur to heated rubber? Vulcanization
Used primarily in fertilizers, which element is never found free in nature even though it makes up about 2.5% of the earth's crust? Potassium
What element, whose symbol derived from the Latin for "liquid silver", has been found in Egyptian tombs from 1500 B.C.? Mercury
What poisonous alkaloid is extracted from tobacco leaves and widely used as an insecticide? Nicotine
What is the name for steel alloyed with chromium? Stainless Steel
Table sugar, from sugar cane or beet, is what type of sugar? Sucrose
Which prefix is often used with scientific terms to indicate that something is the same, equal or constant? ISO
The study of phenomena at very low temperatures is called: Cryogenics
The branch of medical science which is concerned with the study of disease as it affects a community of people is called: Epidemiology
The study of how people use tools to perform work and how people physically relate to their working environment is called: Ergonomics
Name the first woman to travel in space. Tereshkova
What famous scientist and inventor participated in the invention of the Aqua-Lung? Jacques Cousteau
Superconductivity is a material property associated with: A loss of electrical resistance
A type of plastic that is biodegradable has been in the news lately. The ingredient that makes it biodegradable is: cornstarch
Who was the marine biologist and author of Silent Spring who wasone of the first people to warn of the dangers of pesticides like DDT? Rachel Carson
If a metal can be drawn into wires relatively easily it is called: ductile
What is the name given to the invasion of warm surface waters off the Peruvian coast that has been identified with strange climactic effects in recent years? El Nino
Occasionally, a bad cold will cause a decrease in a persons hearing ability. What is the name of the tube that becomes blocked to cause this problem? Eustachian tube
Name the general type of mammal that gives birth to undeveloped young that are kept in pouches. marsupial
In a musical instrument that produces a fundamental note, what would the wavelength of the second harmonic be relative to the fundamental? Wavelength would be 1/2 of the fundamental
In which country was a method for making rust-resistant iron discovered in the fifth century B.C.? India
Cystitis is the infection of which of the following? Urinary bladder
Name the medical term given to the inflammation of infection of the mucous membranes of the nose. Rhinitis
Wutomobile catalytic converters cause the carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons which result from incomplete combustion to be converted into what two substances? Carbon dioxide and water
At room temperature, most elements are in which phase of matter? solid
The per capita birth rate of a population is known as its: natality
Who is called the Father of the Nuclear Navy? Hymen Rickover
The science of weights and measures is called: metrology
The following are the names of man-made structures in the United States. Identify the type of structure. Hungry Horse, Yellowtail, Dworshak, Don Pedro, Cougar, Glen Canyon, Grand Coulee and Hoover. Name the type of structure. Dams
Which of the following is primarily composed of calcium carbonate? Oyster shells
What compound is a common component of air pollution, but is essential in the upper atmosphere to protect life on earth? ozone
Water flows through a horizontal pipe at a constant volumetric rate. At a location where the cross sectional area decreases, the velocity of the fluid: Increases
What radioactive element is routinely used in treating hyperthyroidism, and in reducing thyroid activity? Iodine-131
What is osteoporosis? Loss of calcium from bones
Yeast, used in making bread is a: fungus
The Statue of Liberty is green because of: oxidized copper
Name the phase of quartz consistently found in meteorite impact craters, but rarely found in non-meteorite-related geological formations. stishovite
what point are the Celsius and Fahrenheit scales equal? -40 degrees
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