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level 9 History


date/place of birth 1685 Eisenach, Germany
parents died when he was ten - went to live with brother Johann Cristoph
education studied subjects such as math, languages. but also violin, keyboard, music theory.
career locations W C L - Weimar Cothen Leipzig
Weimar 1708-1717 worked for the Duke of Weimar. Mainly organist; married his cousin Maria Barbara Bach ( 7 children, 4 living).
Cothen 1717-1723 working for Prince Leopold of Cothen. Completed an published Book 1 Well Tempered Clavier. Mainly wrote secular works as Prince Leopold was Calvinist and that required minimal music in church; Leopold was an accomplished musician.
Leipzig 1723 - death in 1750 worked for the town council, as teacher and Kapellmeister for St Thomas Church and school. Taught boys and wrote a new church service every week, including cantatas, masses, and published WTC 2.
dedicated works to 'the glory of God'
wrote and perfected every Baroque except.... opera, which he considered frivolous; not ' to the glory of God'
first marriage to Maria Barbara Bach, his cousin ; 7 children, 4 surviving, including sons CPE, Wilhelm, who became musicians
second marriage to Anna Maria Wilcke, a soprano, and 16 years his junior. He wrote/collected Anna Magdalena's notebook as a teaching book for her. They had 13 more children, of whom 6 survived.
career genres Weimar, organ music; Cothen, secular (sonatas, solo cello and violin suites; keyboard suites (English, French)
national influences didn't travel beyond Germany but learned and used Italian dances, French ornaments, German counterpoint.
date of death 1750. which dates the end of Baroque and start of Classical era.
Created by: tdaniell
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