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Unit 8 Definitions

Alluvial Soil Rich soil made up of sand and mud deposited by moving water.
Wadis Streambeds that remain dry until a heavy rain.
Phosphate A chemical used in fertilizers.
Oasis A place in the desert where underground water surfaces.
Pastoralism The raising and grazing of livestock.
Ethnic Diversity Differences among groups based on their languages, customs, and beliefs.
Infrastructure Basic urban necessities.
Domesticate To take plants and animals from the wild and make them useful to people.
Culture Hearth Centers where cultures developed and from which ideas and tradition spread outward.
Cuneiform Wedge-shaped symbols written on wet clay tablets that were then baked to harden them.
Hieroglyphics Egyptian form of picture writing.
Monotheism Belief in one God.
Prophet Messenger.
Mosque A house of worship where Muslims pray.
Nationalism Belief in the right in an ethnic group to have its own independent country.
Nationalize Place under government control.
Embargo A ban on trade.
Ziggurat Large mud-brick temples shaped like pyramids and rose above the flat landscape.
Bedouin Desert nomads.
Bazaar Traditional marketplace.
Arable Land that is suitable for farming.
Commodity Economic good.
Petrochemical Product derived from petroleum or natural gas.
Gross Domestic Product(GDP) The value of goods and services produced by a country in a year.
Hajj Pilgrimage
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