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reading voc.

readin word for the second semester

robust strong and full of energy
resolute determined stubborn
obscure difficult to understand
awe wonder combined with respect
inert without power to move or act
bravado a false so of bravery
principle a basic law; truth; belief; rule of personal
flourishing growing and developing
nurture to care for and help grow
obstinate stubborn ; difficult to understand of control
emphatic strongly expressive ; forceful
possessively in a way that shows ownership or control
staccato made of sharp sounds or movements
casually in a relaxed informal way
portly having a stout but dignified appearance
authoritarian having or expecting complete obedience to authority
ultimately in the end ; finally
perspective a part of view
impoverished reduced to poverty
mortified greatly embarrassed
tact the ability to handle people or situations without causing displeasure or resentment
ecstatic overwhelmed with joy
avidly eagerly; enthusiastic
consolation a comfort
intrusion a sudden interruption
devise to think out; invent ;plan
pious having either genuine or pretending religious devotion
pompous showing an exaggerated sense of self importance
dispense to give out in portions
indifferent having or showing a lack of concern or care or feeling
laden loaded; weighed down; burdened
meek patient and mild in manner
delectable highly pleasing or delightful especially to the taste; delicious
ravenous extremely hungry
cunning crafty; sly
anticipation a feeling of exited expectation
premonition a feeling that something is about to happen; warning or sign
destine to determine before hand
avert to keep from happening; prevent
fortitude firm courage or strength of mind int the face of pain or danger
perilous dangerous ; risky
uncanny so strange as to cause fear or wonder ; weird
endeavor a serious attempt to accomplish something; undertaking
extricate to release from entanglement or difficulty ; set free
culprit one guilty of some offense
infantile like an infant ; childish
ascertain to find out with certainty ; determine
obsession a single idea that occupies or troubles
murky dark; not clear
etiquette the rules of good manners and polite behavior
collaborator one who works or cooperates with another
confront to come face to face with; stand facing
comprehend to grasp mentally ;understand fully
concede to admit to be true or proper
meticulously in a way that shows careful attention to details
balmy mild ; soothing
assess to determine the meaning or importance of ; analyze
loom to appear to the mind as threatening
ominous threatening ; harm or evil
unpalatable not agreeable to the taste, mind , or feelings; unacceptable
skimpy lacking in fullness quantity or size ; barely enough or not quite enough
grudging given or allowed unwillingly or resentfully
gaunt looking like skin and bones
grim fierce; severe; stern ; forbidding
endure to put up with ; to undergo as , pain ,stress or other hardship
savor to take great delight in
gruffly in a rough stern manner
sedately in a quiet restrained style or manner
spasm a sudden uncontrollable tightening of a muscle
obligingly helpfully agreeably
slither to move along with sliding or gliding motion; as a snake
frenzy a state of intense excitement or disturbance
vigor strength and energy
lolling hanging down loosely; drooping
saunter to walk in a relaxed way
reluctantly unwilling
agility quickness and ease of motion or thought
brink the point at which something might begin
charismatic having personal qualities that enable one to inspire loyalty and devotion
pinnacle a high point ; or a peak
distinct different in quality or kind
anguished having or showing some extreme mental or physical suffering
clan a group of families that descended from a common ancestor
keen highly sensitive; sharp
pursue to chase
spare to treat wit mercy; hold back from harming
sinewy physically tough and powerful
embrace to hug or hold in the arms ; especially as a sign of love or affection
Created by: raines
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