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Flocabulary 2

acquire to gain ownership of something ; to obtain by one`s own action obtain
addict a person who becomes dependent on something that is habit-forming, like a drug or an activities fanatic,fiend
aspire to desire something eagerly especially something important or in the future yearn,long for
chorus a group of people trained to sing together the part of a song that`s repeated after each verse choir,hook
conjure to make something happen or come into being as through by magic summon
firebrand a troublemaker; someone who encourages other to rebel rebel, agitator
gravity the force that makes objects fall towards the center of the Earth (or any other large mass) seriousness importance, silliness
magnetic having the power to attract being able to attract to iron alluring
mirth joy,fun and laughter glee,hilarity
quench to put outextinguish ; to satisfy put down,relieve
subtle difficult to precieve, barely observable; delicate faint
sullen silent or gloomy because of anger or resentment glum,frowning
toxic poisonous; causing harm
urgent needing fast action or attention critical,pressing
wary cautions and watchful;careful of danger alert,suspicous
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