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Science 9 - Teale

Mrs. Teale Final Exam Study Cards

What is another word that describes the change of state, commonly known as freezing? solidification
What is the change of state when liquid turns into a gas? evaporation
What is "Density"? The mass per unit of volume of a substance
Which of the subatomic particles make up MOST of the space of an atom? electrons
A "FAMILY" of elements is a ______________ column. vertical
A "PERIOD" of elements is a ___________________ row. horizontal
The atomic number is the number of ____________________? protons
What does a liquid become when it reaches it's boiling point? gas
Which subatomic particles make up most of the MASS of an atom? protons and neutrons
Every atom has the equal number of electrons and protons
What is the chemical formula for Iron (II) Oxide FeO
What is a covalent compound? Two non-metals combined
What is an ionic compound? 1 non-metal and 1 metal combined
What happens during a physical change? No new substance is created
What happens during a chemical change? There is a new substance created.
A gene is a _______________________ a section of DNA that codes for a specific protein.
What is the job of the endoplasmic reticulum? To transport materials that are made in the cell
What is the job of a ribosome? To make proteins
What is the job of the mitochondria To provide energy for the cell by changing sugar into usable protein.
Which cell has a cell wall? The Plant Cell
What are the chloroplasts? Organelles that trap energy from the sun and make glucose.
What is the job of the nucleus? It is the control centre of the cell.
The cell membrane's job is to ________________________ separate the inside of a cell from its external environment.
What is the type of mutation that helps an organism? Positive mutation
What does the protein, "T" in DNA match too? A
What does the protein, "G" in DNA match too? C
Define Binary Fission A form of asexual reproduction through cell division
In what part of the cell are the chromosomes located? Nucleus
Mitosis is the process where Body Cells replicate themselves
Sexual Reproduction requires Two parents
Asexual Reproduction requires One Parent
Name a species that reproduces from fragmentation starfish
What is the name of the phase where the spindle fibres begin to contract and shorten and the sister chromatids move to opposite sides of the cell. Anaphase
The three main stages of the cell cycle are: interphase, mitosis and cytokinesis
What is the longest stage of the cell cycle? Interphase
A fertilized cell is called a zygote
How m any chromosomes are in a human sperm cell? 23
What is an example of a gamete? sperm cell
What is the male reproductive organ of a flowering plant? stamen
What is the female reproductive organ of a flowering plant? pistil
How does a positively charged object become neutral? gains electrons
A _______________ does NOT allow electrons to flow easily through insulator
A _______________ DOES allow electrons to move easily through conductor
What are the two main parts of an atom Nucleus and Electron Shell
Is the charge for a proton positive or negative? Positive
What is the charge of a neutron? neutral
Rust is the example of what kind of change? Chemical or Physical? Chemical
Ice melting is the example of what kind of change? Chemical or Physical Physical
Particles are close to together and slide past one another. This is an example of what Theory? Kinetic Molecular Theory
What in the cell changes sugar into energy? Mitochondria
What contains information to make proteins in the cell? Nucleus
Where are the Ribosomes made? Nucleus
Where do the Ribosomes attach? Endoplasmic Reticulum
What phase does DNA replicate in? Anaphase
What phase does the nuclear membrane form around each set of chromosomes? Telophase II
What phase do the sister chromatids move to opposite ends of the cell? Anaphase II
What phase is there one chromosome of the homologous pair in each cell? Prophase II
Volts divided by current is what? Resistance
What is unit for power? watts
What is the unit for energy? joules
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