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science chapter 7

chapter 7

Two parents have the genotype Gg for a genetic disorder caused by a dominant allele. What is the chance that any of their children will inherit the disorder? 75%
The gene linkage map shown in Figure 7.2 shows the order of genes A. B. and C. Which of the following statements about the genes is true? The distance between A and B is 14.5 map units
Thomas Morgan's research with fruit flies determined that traits sometimes are inherited as a group
Two genes cross over 6% of the time. This percentage means that the genes are not inherited together in 6 out of 100 offspring
A female is born with attached earlobes which is a recessive phenotype. Which of the following genotypes could her parents have? Rr and rr
Suppose a person is a carrier for a genetic disorder. Which of the following phrases about this person is true? does not have the disorder but can pass it on
Some members of a family have a recessive sex-linked disorder. Which of the following statements about the family would be true? only females would be carriers
The passing of traits from parents to offspring is called heredity
The "father" of genetics was Gregor Mendel
If an individual possesses two recessive alleles for the same trait, the individual is said to be homozygous for the trait
What is the expected phenotypic ratio resulting from a homozygous dominant x heterozygous monohybrid cross? 1:0
A diagram in which several generations of a family and the occurrence of certain genetic characteristics are shown is called a pedigree
In humans, eye color and height are controlled by polygenic inheritance
Which of the following traits is controlled by multiple alleles in humans? blood type
A trait that is determined by a gene that is only found on the X chromosome is said to be sex linked
A person who is heterozygous for a recessive genetic disorder is called a(n) carrier
Identifying patterns of inheritance within a family over several generations is possible by studying a diagram called a(n) pedigree
Inheritance in which two dominant alleles are expressed at the same time is called codominance
A person who has a disorder caused by a recessive allele is homozygous with a recessive allele
Gene expression is influenced in many factors ~ environment
*PUNNENT SQUARE* which of the following has the disorder? homozygous recessive
For an XX female to express a recessive sex-linked trait, she must have 2 recessive alleles
Human height occurs in a continuous range because it is effected by several genes making it polygenic
Suppose a mouse with black fur & no coloration the mouse is all white
What is the main reason that sex linked disorders are most often observed in males? the Y can not mask alleles on the X
Which of the following tools is used to match up chromosome using chemical stains? karyotype
Probability is calculated by dividing of 1 possible outcome the total number of possible outcomes
A phenomenon in which a heterozygous individual- intermediate incomplete dominance
A change is an organisms _______ can cause a change in an organisms gene environment
A character for which there are 3 or more alleles is called multiple alleles
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