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Slow, broad Largo
Very slow Grave
Moderately Moderato
Quick, lively Allegro
Very fast Presto
Time travel fast, lol Faster than presto Prestissimo
Walking tempo, normal Andante
A tempo Return to original tempo
Ritardando Gradually slow down
Rubato Freely, flexibly
Rallentando Broadening, stretching tempo
Accelerando Gradually speed up accelerate
Staccato Short quick bows
Detache Normal bows
Spicatto Bows that bounce off the string
Soul tasto Over the fingerboard
Soul ponticello Close to the bridge
Tremelo Very quick bow strokes at the tip of bow
Col legno Playing with wood of bow
Legato Long/ slow bows
Tenuto Lengthen or emphasize
Marcato Long, detailed and heavy bow strokes
Accent An emphasized quick loudness
Coda Concluding passage
Divisi Divided
Con With
Meno Less
Poco Little
Molto Very much
Solo Only one person plays
Soli One section plays
Subito Suddenly
Sempre Always, stay for ever
Niente Nothing
Tutti All together
Simile Same, keep it going
Order of sharps f,c,g,d,a,e,b
Order of flats b,e,a,d,g,c,f
How do you identify the major key signatures? The last sharp raised up a HALF step
How do you identify the minor key signatures? The 2nd to last sharp
0 sharps,0 flats C
1 sharp, F G
2 sharps, F/C D
3 sharps, F/C/G A
4 sharps, F/C/G/D E
5 sharps, F/C/G/D/A B
6 sharps, F/C/G/D/A/E F#
7 sharps, all of them C#
1 flat, B F
2 flats B/E B flat
3 flats, B/E/A E flat
4 flats, B/E\A/D A flat
5 flats, B/E/A/D/G D flat
6 flats, B/E/A/D/G/C G flat
7 flats, all of them C flat
Whole/ half step pattern for MAJOR scale W,W,H,W,W,W,H
Whole/ half step pattern for MINOR scale W,H,W,W,H,W,W
Melodic scale Raise the 6/7th notes of scale up on way up, than lower them on way back down
Harmonic scale Raise the 7th note of the scale a half step
Created by: Jocelynk



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