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Globe the earth
Map a diagrammatic representation of an area of land or sea
Meteroligist an expert or study of meteorology
Geoligist is a scientist who studies the solid and liquid matter of the earth
Seismoligist is the study of seismic waves or energy waves
Volcanoligist a scientist who studies volcanoes
Vortex A whirling cloud of fluid or wind
Hurricane A huge whirling cloud with very violent wind
Tornado a rotating vortex of violent winds
Eye the calm region in the center of the hurricane
Funnel cloud a rotating funnel shaped cloud forming the core of a tornado
Cyclone a hurricane in the indian
Typhoon a hurricane in the pacific ocean
atmosphere the layer of air above the earth
nitrogen a very cold gas that is the most in our atmosphere at 78%
carbon dioxide carbon dioxide is a gas in ourair
greenhouse gases water vapor and carbon dioxide
water vapor a gas phase of water
stratosphere the layer that contains the ozone layer
mesosphere the layer above the stratosphere where meteors burn
ionosphere the layer where electrically charged particles called ions form
exosphere the outermost region of the atmosphere
troposhere the layer where humans live in
thermosphere the exosphere and the ionosphere combined
goes and poes sattilites Goes Montier a certain spot.Poes Go around the north and south polar regions
tornado alley where a lot of tornadoes form
isobar a line connecting points to have the same air pressure
isotherm a line on a map connecting points that have the same air tempature
climate the weather conditions in a area at a given time
stable air mass is the measure of the atmospheres tendency
unstable air mass is the lowest layers of an air mass
weather the state of an atmosphere in a place
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