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Science #6

evolution Evolution usually refers to a process that produces a better or more complex form. In biology, it is the natural process by which animals and plants develop from their original or primitive state to their modern or specialized state.
extinction People are still trying to figure out what caused the extinction of the dinosaurs: many think it was because of an asteroid. When people cut down rain forests, it can lead to the extinction of many species. Although extinction can be natural or unintended
endangered species a species whose numbers are so small that the species is at risk of extinction
equilibrium The word equilibrium is commonly used to refer to mental or emotional balance, and a near synonym in this sense is composure. In chemistry, equilibrium is the condition existing when a chemical reaction and its reverse reaction occur at equal rates.
sustainability Sustainability became a big idea after people began to realize that we were using up our natural resources, so you’re most likely to come across the word when you’re reading about recycling and energy use.
succession Sometimes when a leader dies, the one who rules after him is determined not by law as in the U.S. or blood as in a monarchy but by the dying leader himself. Dictators often groom one of their sons for succession
Created by: 21Cline.Eli