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Science Weather

Globe A round model of the earth
Map A representation of a place
Meterologist Study's the earth's atmosphere
Geologist Study's the history and structure of the earth
Seismologist Study's earthquakes
Volcanologist Study's volcanoes and the earths internal heat
Vortex The circulation of liquids or gases
Hurricane A big rotating wind and rainstorm
Tornados A funnel created by wind
Eye The center of a hurricane
Funnel Cloud A could in which tornadoes are formed
Cyclone Located Indian Ocean or off the coast of Australia
Typoon Located in the western pacific ocean
Atmoshpere Air which is made up of 5 layers
Nitrogen A colorless odorless chemical element that makes up 78% of the atmosphere
Carbon Dioxide A colorless odorless gas in he atmosphere
Green house gases Any gas that absorbs solar radiation
Water vapor molecules of water
Stratosphere You fly a jet plane in this one of the layers of the atmosphere
Mesosphere Middle layer of the atmosphere
Ionosphere Almost no oxygen, one of the layers of the atmosphere
Exoshpere Outer layer
Troposphere Layer we live in
Themospere The Ionosphere and exosphere combind
Goes and pose satelites 2 types of main satilites
Tornado ally Regions of the united states
Isobar lines on a weather map joining places that have the same air pressure
Isotherms Lines on a weather map joining places that have the same temperature
Unstable airmass Stormy weather
Stable airmass Nice clear weather
Weather The state of the atmosphere at anytime or place
Climate Weather for a long period of time
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