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Japanese Swears

Kuso Shit
Baka Idiot
Hage (Hage atama) Bald (Bald head)
Bakayarou Dumb bastard/Stupid asshole
Kutabare Go ahead and die (Equivalent to "fuck you")
Omae baka ka? Are you stupid?
Oppai Breasts
Oshiri Butt
Temee/kisama Rude way of saying "you"
Busu Ugly (woman)
Chinpo Penis
Nanda? What the hell?
Shine Die (Equivaletnt to "fuck you")
Urusai/urusee Shut up
Doke Get out of the way
Chinchin Childish word for penis
Baita Whore
Gei Gay
Omae wa dare da? Who the fuck are you?
Aho Stupid/Idiot
Manko Pussy
Kintama Testicles
Damare Shut the fuck up
Created by: laneenby