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Biology FInal

Sem. 1

A goal of science is to__________the natural world and events that take place in the natural world. Understand
Bias A personal perefrence or point of view
Main characteristics of living things Made of one or more cells, Grows and develops, Reproduces, Responds to stimuli
Energy must be constantly_____to an ecosystem. Added
Matter is ________ through an ecosystem. Recycled
Abiotic Non-living
Biotic Living
Example of a parasitic relationship. Dogs and fleas
An________is made up of the organisms and nonliving things in an area. Ecosystem
A group of organisms of the same species is a(n) Population
A group of interacting populations that occupy the same geographic area at the same time is a(n) Community
Get energy by eating other organisms. Heterotrophs
Something that controls the growth or size of a population is a____________. Limiting factor
What are two ways that populations can increase in size? Immigration and Natural Birth
The largest number of individuals in a species that an environment can support long-term is called the_____________. Carrying capacity
How do invasive species threaten biodiversity? No predators
Examples of renewable resources are__________. Solar power, trees. wind
Examples of nonrenewable resources are__________. Oil, coal, gas
A weak acid or base that reacts with a strong acid or base to prevent large and sudden changes in pH is a(n)_______. Buffer
Charges of Electron, Proton and Neutron Electron - Proton + Neutron 0
What type of bond is formed when electrons are shared between two atoms? Covalent
The Special Proteins that speed up chemical reactions in the body are_______. Enzymes
What two things will change the shape of an enzyme so that is will not longer function properly? High Temperature and pH
All living things are made of_______. Cells
Cells are the basic unit of_______and________in living things. 1.Structure 2.Function
Cells are produced from_______. Other cells
__________cells do not have a nucleus, but_________cells do have a nucleus. 1.Prokaryotic 2.Eukaryotic
Gives plant cells structure and support Cell wall
the "protein factories" Ribosomes
"Power house" of the cell, converts glucose into usable energy Mitochindria
Created by: BClutch