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JC Space


What is astronomy? the study of the universe and everything in it
What is the universe? made up of everything that exists including planets, stars, galaxies and all forms of matter and energy
What is the big bang? an idea that scientists use to explain how our universe was formed
Is our universe expanding? yes
what is a galaxy? a large group of stars, dust, gas and dark matter held together by gravity
Name the galaxy we live in The Milky Way
What is a celestial body? any natural body outside of the Earth’s Atmosphere e.g. planets, stars, moons, comets and asteroids
List 3 requirements needed to be considered a planet 1. is in orbit around a star 2. it has enough mass to be a nearly round shape 3. Enough gravity to clear any space debris in its orbit
What is a moon? A natural satellite which orbits a planet
What is the geocentric model of the universe? One where the earth is at the center of the universe
What is the heliocentric model of the universe? One where the sun is at the center of the universe
Is the heliocentric or geocentric model a correct representation of our universe? Heliocentric
Define a star a ball of heat-radiating gas that is held together by gravity
What is hydrogen fusion? When two hydrogen's join together
In order, light the phases of a stars life Yellow dwarf, red giant, white dwarf, black dwarf
What is a light year? a distance that light travels in on year
What is an asteroid? lumps of rock that orbit the sun
What is a comet? A comet is a small lump of ice and dirt that orbits the sun.
Created by: aileenwa