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Coordination and Control

What is ovulation? The releasing of a mature egg from the ovaries into the Fallopian tube.
What does FSH stand for and what does it do? Follicle Stimulating Hormone and it triggers the maturing of an egg. It also causes oestrogen to be made in the ovaries.
Where is FSH made? Pituitary Gland
What does oestrogen do? Triggers the build up of the lining of the womb, slows down the production of FSH
What does LH stand for and what does it do? Luteinising Hormone and when it reaches its peak levels, it causes ovulation.
What is the order of neurons from the stimuli to the effector? Stimuli - Sensory Neuron - CNS - Motor Neuron - Effector
What neuron does a reflex action also involve and why? The reflex neuron because it means the impulse skips out the conscious part of the brain and it takes less time to react.
How do synapses work? They are small sacs of chemicals that carry across electrical impulses to different neurons in order to carry on the journey of the impulse.
How do oral contraceptive pills work? The ones that contain oestrogen stop the production of FSH in the woman's body and therefore no eggs mature and become fertile.
Describe the process of IVF The woman is given plenty of FSH to make sure as many eggs mature as possible. The doctors will then take these eggs from the ovaries and fertilise them with the father's sperm outside of the body. The tiny embyros and then injected into the woman's womb.
Why might someone need IVF? They may have damaged Fallopian tubes that stop mature eggs from making it to the womb.
How does your body manage the amount of water and ions in your body? Your kidneys increase and decrease the amount of water and ions in your urine that then leaves your body.
What is the vital internal body temperature of a human? 37C
What is the plant hormone that controls its growth> Auxin
How does phototropism work? The auxin in a plant stem will build up on the shadier side of the plant, causing that side to grow more and the plant to bend towards the light.
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