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Uncommon Latin Vocab

less common vocab but still in 1000 most common words

aio, --, -- , -- to say, speak
dedo, dedere, dedidi, deditum to give up
gero, gerre, gessi, gessum carry, bear, w/ bellum wage (war)
nox, noctis (f.) vs. noxa, noxae (f.) night vs. pain, hurt, harm, injury
opus, operis (n.) work, deed, accomplishment; need
prior (m & f.), prius (n.) former
quaero, quaerere, quaesivi, -- to search, seek; to ask, inquire into (a matter)
queror, queri, questus sum to complain, lament, (cf. quarrel)
quidam vs. quisquam vs. quisque vs. quisquis a certain one vs. anyone vs. each one vs. whoever/ whatever
adhibeo, adhibere, adhibui, adhibitum to hold to, bring to; employ
aequum, aequi (n.) plain, flat level ground or area
aer, aeris (m. or f.) irreg. air, lower air, lower atmosphere (irregular ending both genders)
amnis, amnis (m.) stream
artus, artus (m.) joint
bos, bovis (m. or f.) cow, bull, ox
caedes, caedes (f.) killing, a cutting; slaughter (cf. caedo - to cut, kill) i-stem 3rd dec.
cano, canere, cecini, cantum to sing
caveo, cavere, cavi, cautum to be on guard, beware (cf. caution)
certamen, certaminis (n.) struggle, contest (cf. certo - to struggle)
certo, certare, certavi, certatum to struggle, contend (cf. certamen)
cesso, cessare, cessavi, cessatum to stop, rest
cibus, cibi food
coniunx, coniungis (m. or f.) spouse, husband or wife
consuetudo, consuetudinis (f.) custom, habit
contio, contionis (f.) assembly
creo, creare, creavi, creatum create, fashion, make (vs. credo believe)
damnum, damni (n.) damage, loss, harm; a fine
depono, deponere, doposui, depositum to put down, deposit
desidero, desidere, desidavi, desideratum to desire (vs. desero, -- , --, desertum to abandon)
desino, desinere, desii, desitum to cease, desist
dives, divitis rich, wealthy, (also alt. form "dis")
doles, doli (m) trick, deceit; device (vs. doleo to suffer)
dolores (adj) sad
edo, edere, edidi, editum to give out, go forth (conf. edited)
emo, emere, emi, emptum to buy (conf. empty)
equito, equitare, equitavi, equitatum to ride (a horse, or similar animal)
erro, errare, erravi, erratum to wander
eris, eri (m.) master, lord
eximo, eximere, exemi, exemptum to remove, take out
gigno, gignere, genui, genitum to bring forth, produce (cf. generate)
gradus, gradi (m.) step, pace (cf. gradually, graduated)
grex, gregis herd, flock (cf. georges >> farm, congregate)
ictus, ictus (m) blow, strike, attack
ignosco, ignoscere, ignovui, ignotum pardon, forgive; (cf. ignore)
imber, imbelis (m.) storm, rain
impleo, implere, implevi, impletum to pour in, fill up, full to full (cf. complete)
incido, incidere, incidi, incasum vs. incido, incidere, incidi, incisum to fall in, to fall up (cf. incident) vs. cut in, cut through (incise)
initium, initii (n.) entrance; beginning (cf. initiate)
integer, integra, integrum whole, complete (cf. integrated, integral)
invidia (noun) vs. invitus, -a, -um (adj.) envy, jealousy vs. unwilling (involo)
iuvo, iuvare, iuvi, iutum to aid, help; delight, please
laedo, laedere, laesi, laesum strike, knock, hurt (cf. lacerate)
laetus, -a, -um (adj.) vs. lateo, latere, latui, -- (verb) happy vs. to lie down, to lie hidden
libo, libare, libavi, libatum to pour out (as an offering > cf.libation)
mano, manare, manavi, manatum vs. maneo, manere, manui, mandate drip, flow (cf. emmanate) vs. to remain, stay; endure (confusion alert w/ mando- to order; commit and manus-hand)
memor, memoris mindful, remembering, having a good memory (not memoria noun)
mereo, merere, merui, meritum merit, deserve (merit, meritorious)
metuo, metuere, metui, metutum fear, fear for ____
morus, mora, morum silly, foolish
nepos, nepotis grandson, nephew; descendent
nimia, nimius, nimium too much
nix, nicis (f.) snow
malo, malle, malui, -- to wish rather, to want more, to prefer
volo, volle, volui, -- to wish, want; to be willing
nolo, nolle, nolui to not want; to be unwilling
metus, metus (f.) fear
mos, moris (m.) vs. mors, mortuis custom, habit vs. death
negotium, negotii business, occupation
nescio, nescire, nescivi, nescitum to not know, to be ignorant (ne + scio = no know)
noceo, nocere, nocui, noctium + dat. harm, do harm (w/ dat. case)
occido, occidere, occidi, -- to kill, to cut down (ob + cido)
oportet, oportere, oportuit, -- it is proper, it is right, necessary (impersonal)
op, opis (f.) vs. opus, operis (m) wealth, help; resources (cf. opulent) vs. (work, effort cf. operate)
orior, oriri, ortus sum to rise, to be born (originate)
oro, orare, oravi, oratius beg, pray; entreat, orate, address
pareo, parere, parui, partium vs. paro, parare, paravi, paratum to obey, obedient (cf? partisan) vs. prepare
patior, pati, passum sum (dep) to suffer, endure; experience; to allow (passive)
patro, patrare, patravi, patratum to accomplish, achieve
patrator, patratoris accomplish-er, achiever
patricus, -a, -um accomplished
patres, patrician patrician, people of elite social standing (accomplished ones)
pecus, pecoris (f.) vs pectus, pectoris (m) flock vs. the chest, "pecs"
perdo, perdere, perdidi, perditum (in pass. pereo) to destroy, do away with, ruin; to lose, waste
poto, potare, potavi, potatum vs. (patior + potere) drink (potable)
pereo, perire, perivi, peritum to go to waste, to ruined; to pass away, die (cf. perish)
peona vs. praemium (vs. praedia, praediae) penalty vs. prize vs. praedia = plunder, booty, spoils of war
praesidium, praesidii (n.) protection, a guard (do not confuse with praesens = present)
praesto, praestare, praestiti, praestatum to sit in front, to excell; offer
praetor, praetoris vs. praetor(i)a leader, magistrate ; guards of praetor or of praetorian things
pretium, pretii price, reward
portus, portus (m.) vs. porta, portae (f.) port, harbor (portable) vs. door (cf. portal)
pario, parere, peperi, -- to bring forth, produce
pecco, peccare, pacavi, pacatum err, sin, mistake
populo, populare, populavi, populatum to lay to waste, plunder, ruin vs. populares = common ppl
proprius, propria, proprium one's one (cf. appropriate, proper)
pudor, pudori (m?) shame, modesty
oleum, olei (n.) oil. esp. olive oil
ora, orae (f.) and (not hora or oro) border, coast, boundary
nefarius, -a, -um vs. nefastus, -a, -um vs. nefas (n. inclen) impious, abominable; a criminal; impious vs. an unholy act, sin
crimen, criminis accusation, charge; crime (usually before trial)
criminator, criminatoris accusor, one who brings legal charges
magis more, rather
scelero, scelerare, sceleravi, sceleratum pollute (w/ guilt)
sceleus, scelei (vs. crimen) a crime, misfortune
scelestus wicked, guilty, accursed
sceleratus, -a, -um impious, guilty, wicked, criminal (like)
reperio, reperire, repperi, repertum to get again, discover; invent (cf. to go thru, again)
verbero, verberare to whip; lash (cf. verber = a whip)
rursus back, again, in return
sanus, -a, -um sane, healthy (cf. san-guine)
sata, satorum (n. + pl.) crops
servo, servare, servavi, servatum vs. servio, servire, servivi, servitum keep, preserve vs. to be a slave to + dat. (enslaved to)
sino, sinere, sivi, sitim allow, let it sit; let alone (permit)
sinus, sinus (m) fold (ie. wrinkle) ; bosom
soleo, solere, solitus sum vs. solo, solare, solavi, solatum to be accustomed to (insolent) vs. to make solitary, along (cf. solis)
solvo, solvere, solui, solutum to loosen, untie, release; end, dissolve (cf. solve, dissolve)
spero, sperare, speravi, speratum cf. spes, spei to look for, to hope for; (cf. spes a thing looked for, ie hope)
sumo, sumere, sumpsi, -- assume, to take
sus, suis (m. or f.) (NOT su-us) pig, swine
suscipio, suscipere, suscepi, susceptum vs. suspicio, suspicere, suspexi, suspectum to take up, catch up; to raise, support; accept ; take as child vs. sus-p-icio to look from below; to look up to; suspect
taceo, tacere, tacui, tacitum silent, (tacit > unspoken) NOT tact-ical
cultus, culto (m) knife
confodo, confodere, confodui, confoditum to stab (w/ a knife)
tego, tegare, texi, tectum to shelter, cover (cf. tectum - a roof, covering) and protecto-
tollo, tollere, sustuli, sublatum (deponent by substitution) to lift up, raise
tristis, -is, triste sad, sorrowful (cf. Tristan > the sad one and wistful)
turba, turbae (f.) disturbance, ruckus; crowd (turbulence)
virus, viri (n.) <think disease NOT vir (m.)> poison, disease caused by poison
vito, vitare, vitavi, vitatum (not vivo, vivere, vixi, victum) or (vitio) to avoid, shun (vs. live, live well, be alive) vs. to injure, corrupt (vitium - defect, fault, blemish >>> vice)
vultus, vultus (m.) expression of face, countenance; look aspect; (trans) face
queso, quesare, quesavi, quesatum beg, seek
queo, quire, quivi, quitum to be able
radix, radicis ( root, foundation
recingo, recingere, recinxi, recinctum to ungird, loosen
rumpo, rumpere, rupi, ruptum to burst, break open
ruo, ruere, rui, rutum to rush down, fall, fall down
saepes, saepis (f.) fence, hedge
saxum, saxi (n.) stone
semen, seminis seed
sero, serere, sevi, satum to sow, set, seed, plant; (cf. sata - crops = seeded things) to beget
sidus, sideris (n. a star, constellation; season; destiny; "the heavens" (vs. stella, stellae f.)
telum, teli (n.) vs. tellus, telluris (f.) a thrown thing, ie. spear, dart, missile, beam of light vs. earth, mound
ventus, venti (m.) wind
votum, voti prayer, vow; (cf. a votive and voveo, vovere, vovi, votum > devote)
auctio, auctionis (f.) an increasing; trans. a bid; an auction (bidding session)
desum, desse, defui, -- to be lacking, to fail
diligo, diligere, dilexi, dilectum to esteem highly (diligent)
dolor, dolores pain, grief
edico, edicere, edixi, edictum to decree, announce (edict)
eques, equites (m.) horseman, knight
exigo, exigere, exegi, exactum to drive out, demand; to finish (exacting)
exiguus, -a, -um small, scanty, little
ferrum vs. ferum, -a, -um iron vs. wild, savage (ie. feral)
for, fari, fatus sum (fa+or in base) speak (fame, fable - that which is spoken of) cf. (φημί - speak Grk.)
fundo, fundare, fundavi, fundatum vs. fundo, fundere, fudi, fusum to found (foundation) vs. pour, spread; trans. squander, spread out, rout, defeat (cf. funnel)
gener, generi (m.) son in law NOT gens, gentis
genu, genus (n.) knee
ingens immense, huge
ingenium talent, nature, skill
iacio, iacere, iacui, vs. iacio, iacere, ieci, iactum vs iacto, iactare, iactavi, iactatum to lie still, lie flat (dejected) ; vs. throw, scatter vs. and throw (ejaculate)
infero, inferre, intuli, inlatum to inflict (carry in)
levis, levis, leve light, swift, (levity)
libet, levere, libuit (impers.) it is pleasing
liceo, licere, licui, licitum value at, on sale (lease)
liceor, liceri, lictus sum bid, offer a price (for something)
licet, licere, licuit, licitum est it is allowed (illicit or licensed)
licitus allowed permissible
nitor, niti, nixus sum (impers.) (also nisus sum) to support oneself; to strive
opus est there is need
reor, reri, ratus sum (depon.) to think, imagine
fateor, fateri, fassus sum (depon.) to confess, admit
nequeo, nequire, nequivi, -- to be not able, unable (ne+ queo <able>) oppo. to possum
pateo, patere, patui, -- to lie open, to be open (patent <airway>)
inquam, -- , inquii , -- to say (used in direct quotes to introduce the thought)
fingo, fingere, finxi, fictum form, shape (fixed, fixture)
fleo, flere, flevi, fletum to weep, cry, to flow (from face) NOT fluo, fluere (to flow)
foedus, foederis (n.) treaty, compact (cf. federation, confederate)
frons, frondis (vs. frons, frontis) leaf, foliage (a frond)
frumentum, frumenti (n.) grain, wheat; a large quantity of grain crop
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