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1. Globe A model of the Earth
2. Map A diagrammatic representation of an area
3. Meteorologist A scientist that studies weather
4. Geologist A scientist that studies rocks
5. Siesmologist A scientist that studies earthquakes
6. Volcanologist A scientist that studies volcanoes
7. Vortex A mass of whirling fluid of air
8. Hurricane A storm of violent winds
9. Tornado A violent squall or whirlwind on land
10. Eye The center of the storm (Hurricane and Tornadoes)
11. Funnel Cloud A rapid funnel-shaped cloud that extends downward from the base of the Cumulonimbus cloud which can turn into a tornado or waterspout if it touches earth's surface
12. Cyclone A term used in the South Pacific and Indian Ocean for a Hurricane
13. Typhoon A term used in the Northwest Pacific for a Hurricane
14. Atmosohere A thin blanket of gases that surrounds the earth
15. Nitrogen An element that makes up about 78% of the atmosphere
16. Carbon Dioxide A odorless gas that is produced when animals breathe out
17. Greenhouse gases Gases in the Earth's atmosphere that absorbs energy radiated from the Earth and prevent its escape into space
18. Water Vapor Water that has evaporated into a gas that makes (including other gases) 1% of the Earth's atmosphere
19. Stratosphere The layer of the Earth's atmosphere above the troposphere
20. Mesosphere The layer of the Earth's atmosphere above the stratosphere
21. Ionosphere The layer of the Earth's atmosphere above the mesosphere that contains high concentration ions that reflects radio waves
22. Exosphere The layer of Earth's atmosphere that is the outermost and stretches to and unknown extent
23. Troposphere The layer of the Earth's atmosphere that is the closest to earth and is the layer we live in
24. Thermosphere The layer of the Earth's atmosphere that is made up of the exosphere and the Ionosphere
25. Goes and Poes Satellites Two satellites that are operated by the NESDIS and they are used for weather forecasting and tracking down storms or disasters
26. Tornado Alley An area of the great plains where tornadoes are frequent
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