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Nurse Fundamentals Test 1

reflective meditation The persons choose the theme, question or topic of reflection to gain insight into significant question or concept related to philosophy or spiritually. The focus is on the persons query, he or she return to it as the object o f attention
botanical (herbs) represents plants species with medical properties, Were used for medical purposes and are the foundation for modern pharmaceuticals products
health generally addresses the person’s state of well being
health determinants Social, economic, political and educational health factors and trends that can promote positive healthcare in a community
patient education An interactive, collaborative process between the nurse and the patient to progress towards the patient’s goals of assuming responsibility for his or her health and self-care
subculture Is a way of life, customs and ideas of a particular group of people within a society which differ from the larger population
advocacy It supports the patient’s rights to access information necessary to make their own decisions about treatment options and nursing care.
holism State that each human comprises several parts- mind, body and soul.
Nursing competencies Ongoing process with a goal of achieving ability to work with culturally diverse groups and communities with detail awareness, specific knowledge, refines skills and respect for cultural attributes,
Ethnicity It is a cluster of ways for people to define themselves and being defined by others. Its involve the selection of certain shared and cultural characteristics as symbols of a common group, origin, history, or decent.
case management It’s an important tool of a community base nurse including skills such as coordination of care, health education and advocacy.
integrative medicine Complementary or alternative medicine or those practices that do not form part of the dominant system for managing health and diseases
Maslow Self-actualization self esteem love needs safety needs physiologic needs
diversity cultural diversity of a population increases the plurality of ideas and opinions for the behavior to wich people are exposed adding the tenure and complexity of the society's human resources
General system theory All system must be goal directed A system is more than the sum of it's parts A system is ever changing and a change in a part affects the whole Boundaries are implicit and human system are open and dynamic
Culture is learn learn pattern behavioral response acquire over the time that includes implicit versus explicit beliefs and attitudes values, custom norms, taboos, arts and life way accepted by a community of individuals
health state of well being and optimal functioning, interactive process between the person and the internal and external enviorment