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Science ACE

MUST ACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is required for a mechanical wave to move? Matter
What are the two types of mechanical waves? Transverse and longitudinal
What unit of measurement do we use for wavelength? meters
Hertz is the unit of measurement for which quantity? Frequency
An example which sound will travel than it will travel through water? Cool Air
What are the two types of interference? Constructive and Destructive
Which characteristic of the wave does interference effect? Amplitude
What is the difference between a transverse wave and a longitudinal wave? transverse wave goes perpendicular to the disturbance, a longitudinal wave goes parallel
What is the term for a force that creates a wave? Disturbance
If two waves interact, and create a bigger wave, what happens? Constructive Interference
If I increase the frequency of a wave, what will happen to that waves amplitude? It will stay the same
Two waves come together, and create a space that looks like there are no waves. What has happened? Destructive Interference
What is the equation for speed? : Speed= frequency times wavelength
What happens to a wave when it experiences diffraction? it spreads out.
What happens to a wave during refraction? It bends when entering another medium.
What is the term for the wave behavior in which a wave bounces off an object? Reflection
Please give me an example of reflection in everyday life. When light bounces off a mirror and it gets in your eyes.
Please give me an example of refraction in everyday life. When you put a straw in a glass of water and it gets bended
What happens to the amplitude of a sound wave as it travels away from it sound’s source? It decreases because the wave is spreading out.
If the source of the sound is moving away from you quickly, how will you perceive it? The pitch gets lower
If the source of the sound is moving away from you quickly, its pitch will also decrease. What's that called? The Doppler Effect
As a wave travels through a medium, what happens to that medium? A: It vibrates
In Star Wars, what is so wrong with the pew-pew noise coming from the guns? There’s nothing for the wave to travel through, so there can be no sound because space is a vacuum.
Created by: mebo2023