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Stage 9

civis citizen; civilization
homo, hominem human, man; homo sapiens
cupit, cupivit want, desire; cupid
dies day; diurna
inspicit; inspexit inspect; inspection
tradit, tradidit hand over; tradition
medius middle; medium
emittit, emisit throw; emit
manet, mansit remain; maintain
ostendit; ostendit show; ostentatious
dat, dedit give; donation
exercet, exercuit exercise; exert
hospes, hospiten guest; hospital
ille that
celeriter quickly; accelerate
mox soon
celebrate, celebravit celebrate; celebrity
post after; posture
dies natalis birthday; native
notus famous, well known; notify
obtulit offer; offer
suus his/her; suicide
interum again; iterate
fert, tulit bring, bear, carry; transfer
paulosper for a short time
agnoscit, agnovit recognize; agnoscit
revenit, revenit come back return; revenue
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