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Types of DAta

Different types of Data

TermReason to keep the dataAccess
Scientific Data In any scientific workplace it is vital to be able to safely store and then retrieve scientific data generated by that workplace and also data from other sources (scientific literature, for example) Heads of department, deputies, and those working in the laboratories
Scientific Apparatus Data such as date of purchase, maintenance data and schedules for maintenance Heads of department, deputies and those involved in the schedules
Waste Disposal To show what and how much waste is produced and how it is disposed of Stores technicians and those involved in disposal; heads of department may need to authorise costs of disposal
Health and Safety Checks to show that health and safety is being monitored and to hold accident reports if necessary heads of department, health and safety officers and possibly others who have special responsibilities
Training Records To show what and how much waste is produced and how it is disposed of Training officer, heads of department, supervisors, human resource department and individual members of staff
Quality Assurance To be able to show that quality procedures are being carried out (for audit purposes) Head of department, quality officers and those with special responsibility
Report Records Reports following tests for GPs or hospital records, or for use in developing new medicines, etc. Office support personnel will usually be responsible for recording results, with access needed by clinical staff (in a clinical environment); report records in this setting wouldn’t usually be subject to change by anyone
Specification Levels This could be the level at which the organisation is allowed to work, for example the danger levels of microorganisms in use The head of department and organisation management
Sample Throughput This gives information about the number of samples going through processes in the laboratory in a given time and could be an indicator of the efficiency and effectiveness of the organisation Head of department and deputies, organisation management
Management This could cover the management hierarchy and their roles Organisation management and human resources department
Security Different types of laboratory might need different levels of security depending on the work being carried out Head of department, security staff, health and safety officer and all staff
COSHH Records To ensure awareness of health and safety issues with substances being used in the organisation Stores technicians and whoever is involved in ordering, storing and use of the substances
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