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Define what cells are Smallest living parts of plants and animals, basic unit of all living things
Explain the function of cells Take in food and nutrients and gets rid of waste are the parts of a cell
Name the parts of a cell Animal cell has parts and plant cell has 7 Mitochondria, cytoplasm, ribosomes, vacuole, and nucleus And plant cell has same exact just add choloroplast with chlorophyll And cell wall
Explain what the plant cell parts do Mitochondria organelles that change the chemical energy of food into a diff form.Cytoplasm gel like fluid that contains cell parts. Ribosomes organelles that begin process of making proteinsVacuole stores water and nutrients nucleus stores information
Identify what plant cells have that animals do not Choloroplast with chlorophyll and a cell wall
Explain why cell size and shape are important If a cell is too small there would not be enough room for all its parts and if too large oxygen and other parts cannot travel.
Explain the differences between cells, tissues, organs and organ systems and how they relate to each other. U can't see cells but u can see organs and tissue.tissues make cells cells make organs and organs make organ systems
Define roots and understand their functions Roots anchor a plant in place store food and absorbs water and nutrients
Understand what a vascular plant is
Know the difference between xylem and phloem and the functions of each Xylem tubes carry materials from the roots to leaves and phloem tubes carry sugar away from the leaves.
Understand what bark is?
Explain the difference between fibrous and tap roots Fibrous roots grow in all directions forming smaller and smaller roots and taproot is a large root that goes straight down like a carrot
Understand the process of photosynthesis Plants make a sugar, glucose in a process called photosynthesis. Plants use light from sun, carbon dioxide from the air and water to make sugar and oxygen.energy stored in sugar. Plants that at plants can use the sugar as a source of energy
Where does photosynthesis take place The center of leaf
Understand the role of chlorophyll and chloroplast in photosynthesis Chlorophyll is a green substance that traps energy from the sun and allows plant to make food. Chloroplasts store chlorophyll if plants weren't able to make food process of photosynthesis wouldn't exist
Know the equation for photosynthesis Get paper write photosynthesis equation
Understand celluar respiration The process by which cells break down sugar to release energy is
Explain the difference between cellular respiration and photosynthesis Breaks down sugar to release energyis....makes sugar in the process is
Understand the role of mitochondria in celluar respiration Sugar starts to be broken down through a series of reactions that take place in the mitochondria
Know the equation for celluar respiration Get a paper and write out cellular respiration equation
Understand the carbon dioxide-oxygen cycle Together photosynthesis and cellular respiration form which cycle
Understand the role of energy in photosynthesis and cellular respiration During respiration plants and animals use oxygen to change food into energy during photosynthesis plants use energy to change water and and carbon dioxide into more food and oxygen
Created by: Chrissykk