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What bacteria looks like Chinese letters Corynebacter
What are the 5 bacteria causing Heart Block "Lyme Disease Salmonella typhii (typhoid) Chagas Disease (Whipple’s) Legionella Diptheria
What bacteria cause Reiter’s Syndrome Shigella IBD Crohn’s Chlamydia Yersina Reiter & Crohn Saw Yersina and got Chlamyia
What are the Low Complement bugs causing Cryoglobuniemia Influenzae Adenovirus Mycoplasma Hepatitis C EBV I AM HE
What are the drugs induced SLE Hydralazine INH Phenytoin Procainamide Penicillamine Ethosuximide H I PPPE
What are the drugs that Blast the BM "AZT Benzene Chloramphenicol Vinblastine Vinblastine Anilate Bone Cells
What are the Comma Shaped bugs "Vibrio Campylobacter Listeria H. pylori
What is the cresent shaped protozoa Giardia lamblia
What bacteria looks like Chinese letters Corynebacter
What are the TB Rx Rifampin INH Pyrazinamide Ethambutanol Streptomycin
What are the 6 Low Complement assocs. with Nephrotic Syndrome Serum Sickness PSGN SLE SBE Cryoglobinemia MPGN II
What drugs Induce p450 Barbiturates Alcohol Griseofulvin Carbamazapin Rifampine Quinidine Tetracycline Sulfa drugs
What drugs Inhibit p450 INH Dapsone Spirolactones Macrolides Amiodarone Cimetidine Ketoconazole Quinilones
What drugs are P450 Dependent Warfarin Estrogen Phenytoin Theophylline Digoxin
What disease is a Neutophil Deficiency Chronic Granulomatous disease CGD
What is another name for CGD NADPH Oxidase deficiency
What are the Side effects of Statins Myositis Hepatitis Increased liver enzymes
What are the painful genital Lesions Chancroid Herpes Lymphogranuloma inguinale
What is the painful chancroid lesion due to Hemophilus ducreyi
What are the 4 hormones with disulfide bonds Prolactin Insulin GH Inhibin
What are the Hookworms Necatur americanis Enterobius vermicularis Ankylostoma duodenale Trichuris trichurium Ascaris lumbercoides Strongyloides Hooks AS NEAT
What are the X-Linked enzyme Deficiencies G6-PD CGD Pyruvate dehydrogenase Def. Fabry’s Hunter’s Lesch-nyhan
HLA-DR2 Narcolepsy, Allergy, Goodpasture’s, MS
HLA-DR3 DM, Chronic Active Hepatitis, Sjogren’s, SLE, Celiac Sprue
What are the actions of Steroids Kills helper T-cells & eosinophils Inhibits Macrophage migration Inhibits Mast cell degranulation Inhibits Phospholipase A Stimulates protein synthesis Stablizes endothelium
What are the causes of Monocytosis Salmonella (typhoid) TB EBV Listeria Syphillis
E. Coli is the most common cause of what UTI Spontaneous bacterial peritonitis Abdominal abscess Cholecystitis Ascending cholangitis Appendicitis
What are the “Big Mama” anaerobes Strep bovis Clostridium melanogosepticus Bacteriodes fragilis
What are the “Big Mama” Rx Clindamycin Metranidazole Cefoxitin
What “big mama” bugs are associated with colon cancer Strep. Bovis Clostridium melanogosepticus
What are psammoma bodies Calcified CA’s
In what diseases are Psammoa Bodies present Papillary carcinoma of the Thyroid Serous cystadenocarcinoma of the ovary Meningioma Mesothelioma
What types of stones are formed from Proteus Struvite (90%)
What type of motility do Proteus have swarming
What are 5 indications of Surgery Intractable pain Hemorrhage (massive) Obstruction (from scarring) Perforation
What drugs cause Cardiac Fibrosis Adriamycin (Doxyrubicin) Phen-fen
What drug is used to tx cardiac fibrosis Dozaroxsin
What is the MCC of any ….penia "#1 = Virus #2 = Drugs
What is seen in the Salmonella Triad High Fever Rose spots (rash) Intestinal fire
What drugs cause Myositis Rifampin INH Predinsone Statins
What are the causes of Eosinophilla Neoplasms Allergies/Asthma Addison’s Dz Collagen Vascular Dz Parasites
What are the Killed Vaccines SIR Hep A
What are the IgA Nephropathies Henoch-Schoenlein P. (HSP) Alport’s Berger’s
What are the Drugs that cause Autoimmune hemolytic anemia PCN α-methyldopa Cephalosporins Sulfa PTU Anti-malarials Dapsone
What are the drugs that cause Autoimmune thrombocytopenia ASA Heparin Quinidine
What is the first MI enzyme to appear Troponin I
What is the 2nd MI enzyme to appear CK-MB
What is the 3rd MI enzyme to appear LDH
What bacteria have Silver Stains Legionella Pneumocysitis carinii H. pylori Bartonella henseslae (lymph node) Candida (yeast)
What drugs inhibit dihydrofolate reductase Trimethoprim/Sulfamethoxazole "Pyremethamin/Sulfadiazine
What drugs cause Pulmonary Fibrosis Bleomycin Bulsufan Amiodarone Tocainide
What are the macrophage deficiency diseases Chediak-Higashi NADPH-oxidase deficiency
What are the 7 Rashes of the Palms & Soles TSS Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever Coxsackie A (Hand/Foot & mouth dz) Kawasaki Syphillis Scarlet Fever Staph Scalded Skin Syndrome
What is the clue for cAMP Sympathetic CRH (cortisol) Catabolic
What is the clue for cGMP Parasympathetic Anabolic
What are the clues for IP3/DAG "Neurotransmitter GHRH All hypothalamic hormones xc cortisol
What is the clue for Ca+ Used by Gastrin only
What is the clue for Ca:Calmodulin Used by smooth muscle for contraction by distention
What is the clue for Tyrosine Kinase "Used by Insulins
What are the T & B cell deficiencies "WAS SCID CVID HIV HTLV-1
What are the CLUES for WAS Thrombocytopenia IL-4 Infection Eczema Decrease IgM
What are the CLUES for SCID Framshift/Nonsense mutation Adenosine deaminase deficiency T-cell>B-cell Bacterial infections Fungal infections
What are the CLUES for CVID "Late onset Frameshift/Missense mutation Tyrosine Kinase deficiency
What are the inhibitors of Complex 1 of the ETC Amytal Rotenone
What are the inhibitors of Complex 2 of the ETC Malonate
What are the inhibitors of Complex 3 of the ETC Antimycin D
What are the inhibitors of Complex 4 of the ETC CN- CO Chloramphenicol
What are the inhibitors of Complex 5 of the ETC Oligomycin
What are the ETC chemical uncouplers DNP Free Fatty acids Aspirin
What type of uncoupler is Aspirin Physical uncoupler
What are the 4 sources of Renal Acid Urea cycle Plasma Collecting ducts Glutaminase
What are the 2 enzymes needed to make glycogen "Glycogen synthase Branching enzyme
What are the branching enzymes "Glycogen alpha-1,4 glycosyl transferase Glycogen alpha-1,6 glycosyl transferase
What is the rate limiting enzyme in the break down of glycogen Phosphorylase (Pi)
What type of acidosis do you see with obstructive pulmonary dz Respiratory acidosis
What Autoimmune Disease has the following Anti-smith Anti cardiolipin Anti-ds DNA Antibodies SLE
What Autoimmune Disease has the following Anti – histone Antibodies Drug induced SLE
What Autoimmune Disease has the following Anti-topoisomerase Antibodies PSS (Progressive Systemic Sclerosis)
What Autoimmune Disease has the following Anti-centromere Antibodies CREST
What Autoimmune Disease has the following Anti-GBM Antibodies Goodpasture’s
What does Goodpastures have antibody to Type IV collagen
What Autoimmune Disease has the following Anti-mitochondria Antibodies Primary biliary cirrhosis
What Autoimmune Disease has the following Anti-hair follicle Antibodies Alopecia areata
What Autoimmune Disease has the following Anti-IgG Antibodies Rheumatoid arthritis
What Autoimmune Disease has the following Anti-myelin receptors Antibodies MS
What Autoimmune Disease has the following Anti-ACh receptor Antibodies MG
What Autoimmune Disease has the following Anti-ribonuclear protein Antibodies Mixed Connective Tissue dz (MCTD)
What does Pernicious Anemia have antibody to Intrinsic factor
What Autoimmune Disease has the following Anti-epidermal anchoring protein receptors Antibodies Pemphigus vulgaris
What Autoimmune Disease has the following Anti-epidermal basement membrane protein Antibodies Bullous pemphigoid
What do you see with bullous pemphigoid IgG sub-epidermal blisters Oral blisters
HLA-DR2 Narcolepsy, Allergy, Goodpasture’s, MS
HLA-DR3 DM, Chronic Active Hepatitis, Sjogren’s, SLE, Celiac Sprue
HLA-DR3 & 4 IDDM(Type I)
HLA-DR4 Rheumatoid Arthritis, Pemphigus Vulgaris
HLA-DR5 JRA, Pernicious Anemia
HLA-DR7 Nephrotic Syndrome(Steroid induced) HLA-DR 3 & B8
HLA-A3 Hemochromatosis(chromo. 6, point mut.-cysteine>tyrosine)
HLA-B13 Psoriasis
HLA-B27 Psoriais(only if w/arthritis) Ankylosing Spondylitis, IBD, Reiter’s, Postgonococcal Arthritis
HLA-BW 47 21 alpha Hydroxylas def.(Vit.D)
HLA-DR 3 & B8 Celiac Disease
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