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what are the fat-soluble vitamins? K, A, D, E
Capable of slowing or preventing oxidation. Antioxidants
Which vitamins are stored in body fat? Fat-Soluble
Which vitamin is involved in the maintenance of mucous membranes, skin, bone, hair and assist with night vision and is also a antioxidant? Vitamin A
Eating large amounts of liver can cause toxicity of this vitamin? Vitamin A
Consuming green and yellow vegetables can reduce deficiency in what vitamin? Vitamin A
Chronic cigarette use and alcohol use can cause deficiency in what vitamin? Vitamin A
Which vitamin plays a role in bone health? Vitamin D
What is another source of Vitamin D other than supplementation? Exposure to sunlight.
When is the best time of the day to get sunlight for Vitamin D deficiency? How long should you be in the sun at one time? 10am-3pm. 5-15 min
What type of sunscreen should you use if you are out in the sun? SPF> or =15.
Which vitamin deficiency causes Rickets in children? Vitamin D
Which vitamin deficiency can cause hyperparathyroidism? Vitamin D
Which vitamin has a anti-platelet effect? Vitamin E
Which vitamin is contraindicated in patients on anticoagulant therapy? Vitamin E
What vitamin should be given with long term vitamin E administration? Vitamin K
Which vitamin is found in green leafy vegetables? Vitamin K
What vitamin is used to counteract the effects of Warfarin(Coumadin? Vitamin K
Prolonged use of abx can decrease the micro flora needed to synthesize what vitamin? Vitamin K
Which vitamin can improve the effectiveness of Bisphosphonates? Vitamin K
Bile acid sequestrants can cause what vitamin deficiency? Vitamin K
Which vitamin deficiency can cause Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome? Vitamin B1-thiamine
What vitamin is Thiamine? B1
What vitamin is Riboflavin? B2
What vitamin is Niacin? B3
What vitamin is Pyridoxine? B6
What vitamin is Boitin? B7
Which vitamin is Folate? B9
Which vitamin is Cyanocobalamin? B12
Which vitamin has anti-nausea properties? B6
Which vitamin assist with production and maintenance of cells, RBC production and DNA synthesis? Folate B9
Which vitamin improves cognition and reduces bone fx? Folate B9
Patients taking methotrexate (Rheumatrex) can take folic acid ______ as a form of folic acid and reverse the effects of methotrexate? Leucovorin
Which vitamin helps with the function of the brain and nervous system? B12
Which vitamin requires a acidic environment for absorption? B12
Which meds are associated with decreased absorption of Vitamin B12? Anticonvulsants, H-2 receptor antagonists such as Tagament, Pepcid and Zantac. Glucophage (Metformin).
Smokers need higher levels of what vitamin? C
What vitamin deficiency causes scurvy? C
Best vitamins for a common cold? Vitamin E 400IU and Vitamin C 500mg
Most abundant mineral in the human body? Vitamin C
Calcium absorption is enhanced by Vitamin D
Needed for the synthesis of T3 and T4 Iodine
Treatment for Iron toxicity Desferal(Deferoxamine Mesylate.
Recommended dose of iron in pregnancy 150mg-300mg
Good tx for headaches, it relaxes muscles Magnesium
Treatment for calcium oxalate kidney stones, prevent depression, and prevent PMS Magnesium
Higher dietary intake of Ca and vitamin D decreases the risk of what? Premenopausal breast cancer.
Too much of what vitamin is teratogenic Vitamin A
Double the dose of iron in pregnancy. What is the recommended low dose 30mg/day
Can lower BP Calcium
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