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latin vocab test

tenuis thin/soft
felix lucky
prudens wise
turpis ugly
vehemens stuborn
audax old
omnis all
pauper poor
potens powerful
celer fast
fortis strong
similis similair
dissimilis disimilair
diligens hardworking
tristis sad
fidelis faithful
nobilis noble
certus sure
iniquus unequal
propinquus near
proximus next to
validus strong
sinister left
levis light
acer sharp
facilis easy
difficilis hard
par even
brevis short
gravis heavy
utilis useful
simul sametime
interim meanwhile
verbatim word for word
statim immediatly
cotidie everyday
ubique everywhere
magnopere greatly
deinde then
paulum a little bit
eo there
huc to this
illuc to that
nondum not yet
numquam never
paene almost
tandem at last
postquam later
sto stand
surgo to rise
facio to make or do
cupio to desire
venio to come
duco to lead
mitto to send
pono to place
rego to rule
bibo to drink
edo to eat
peto to look for
trado to hand over
vinco to defeat
sum to be
possum to be able
volo to want
nolo to not want
eo to go
fero to bring
aperio open
lego to read
scribo to write
tango to touch
disco to learn
ostendo to show
relinquo to leave behind
dico to speak
incendo to light on fire
quaero to ask
repello to push away
vinco to defeat
incipio to begin
audio to hear
vendo to sell
intellego to understand
confido to trust
evancesco to dissappear
cado to fall
cedo to yield
desisto to stop
quiesco to rest
curro to run
fugio to flee
dormio to sleep
scio to know
advenio to approach
frango to break
rex king
plebs commoners
civis citizen
fur thief
custos guard
dux leader
princeps emperor
pastor sheppard
senex old man
pater father
mulier woman
soror sister
frater brother
homo man
mater mother
uxor life
aries ram
piscis fish
avis bird
leo lion
canis dog
feles cat
apis bee
accipiter hawk
bubo owl
mare sea
litus seashore
rabies madness
genus type
species appearence
dens teeths
digitus fingers
genu knee
capillus hair
manus hand
auris ear
nasus nose
pectus chest
pes feet
vox voice
caput head
cor heart
corpus live body
cadaver dead body
os bone
os mouth
consilium plan
vinum wine
impedimentum baggage
officium job
signum signal
praemium reward
bonus good
iratus mad
barbarus foreign
tacitus silent
solus alone
notus famous
alienus strange
dignus worthy
malus bad
pauci few
pius dutiful
fatuus stupid
cupidus desirous
alter another
inimicus unfriendly
eruditus smart
egregius outstanding
sollicitus worried
ignarus unaware
multi many
latus wide
tuus your
verus true
tepidus warm
plenus full
perpetuus everlasting
longus long
novus new
albus white
frigidus cold
altus high
meus my
nullus no / none
calidus hot
ferus wild
totus whole
antiquus old
sine without
appello to name
volo to fly
liber free
heuter neither
miser wretched
pulcher handsome
noster our
afer dark
vester your
sacer sacred
ante before
trans across
post after
per through
auxillium help
aurum gold
ferrum iron
argentum silver
plumbum lead
hydrargyrum mercury
bellum war
donum gift
periculum danger
verbum word
arma weapon
animus spirit
numerus number
carrus wagon
liber book
modus method
murus wall
vita life
fabula story
hora hour
herba grass
alga seaweed
aurora dawn
captivus prisoner
populus people
poeta poet
magister teacher
cochlea snail
caelum sky
regnum kingdom
locus place
fenestra window
sella chair
area open place
supercillium eyebrow
collum neck
bracchium arm
a/ab by
video to see
habeo to have
doceo to teach
teneo to hold
terreo to scare
moneo to warn
palleo to be pale
ardeo to burn
sedeo to sit
timeo to be scared
maneo to stay
moveo to move
prohibeo to prohibit
respondeo to answer
retineo to hold back
sustineo to hold up
doleo to mourn
debeo to owe
lateo to hide
rideo to laugh
femina women
agricola farmer
nauta sailor
ancilla maid/helper
dea goddess
regina queen
filia daughter
colonus farmer
dominus lord
filius son
puer boy child
servus slave
socius pal
rex king
medicus doctor
balaena whale
porcus pig
vacca cow
equus horse
aquila eagle
pullus chicken
lupus wolf
formica ant
ursus bear
cancer crab
aranea spider
musca fly
rana frog
bubo owl
benignus kind
ferus wild
sollicitus worried
pauper poor
silva forest
provincia province
via road
patria country
terra earth
bibliotheca library
culina kitchen
spelunca cave
casa house
hortus garden
campus open field
ager cultivated field
urbs city
mons mountain
insula island
copia supply
nebula cloud
penuria poverty
rabies madness
aqua water
sententia opinion
epistula letter
timor fear
acrimonia bitterness
beneficentia kindness
fallcia lie
parsimonia frugality
oculus eye
ego I
tu you
nos we
vos yall
ille/illa he or she
amare to love
laudare to praise
potare to carry
pugnare to fight
spectare to watch
vocare to call
narrare to tell
potare to drink
salutare to greet
imperare to order
castigare to scold
aedificare to build
convocare to call together
aperire to open
vulnerare to wound
tenere to hold
terrere to scare
monere to warn
exacerbare to make worse
sedere to sit
vivere to be alive
evanescere to vanish
advenire to approach
dolere to be sad
navigare to sail
habitare to live in
laborare to work
ambulare walk
clamare to shout
errare to wander
infra below
contra against
intra inside of
ultra beyond
circum around
e/ex out of
de down from
sub under
pro for
inter between
simul sametime
Created by: the train