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Medic Drug List

EMS Drug Trade Name, Generic Name, and Class

ACTIVATED CHARCOAL Actidose- Class: Adsorbant
ADENOSINE Adenocard- Class: Antidyshrthmic
ALBUTEROL Proventil/Ventolin- Class: Sympathomimetic Bronchodialator
AMIODARONE Cordarone- Class: Antidyshrthmic
ASPIRIN Acetysalicylic Acid- Class: Analgesic/Antipyretic
ATROPHINE SULFATE Atrophine- Class: Parasympatholytic
CALCIUM CHLORIDE 10% Calcium Chloride- Class: Electrolyte
DEXTROSE 50% D50W/50 Dextrose- Class: Carbohydrate
DIAZEPAM Valium- Class: Sedative/Hypnotic/Benzodiazepine
DIPHENHYDRAMINE Benadryl- Class: Antihystamine
DOPAMINE HCL Initropin- Class: Sympathomimetic
EPINEPHRINE 1:1000 Adrenaline/Epinephrine (Epi)- Class: Sympathomimetic
EPINEPHRINE 1:10,000 Adrenaline/Epinephrine (Epi)- Class: Sympathomimetic
FUROSEMIDE Lasix- Class: Loop Diuretic
GLUCAGON Glucagen- Class: Hormone
IPRATROPIUM BROMIDE Atrovent- Class: Parasympatholytic Bronchodialator
LIDOCAINE Xylocaine- Class: Antidyshrthmic
MAGNESIUM SULFATE Magnesium- Class: Electrolyte
MORPHINE SULFATE Morphine- Class: Narcotic Analgesic
NITROGLYCERINE Nitrostat/Nitrospray- Class: Nitrate
NITROUS OXIDE Nitronox- Class: General Anesthetic
NOREPINEPHRINE BITARTRATE Levophed- Class: Sympathomimetic
ONDANSETRON Zofran- Class: Antiemetic
PROMETHAZINE Phenergan- Class: Antiemetic
TERBUTALINE Brethine- Class: Sympathetic Agonist
THIAMINE Vitamin B1- Class: Vitamin
METHYLPREDNISOLONE Solu-Medrol- Class: Steroid
DIGOXIN Lanoxin- Class: Cardiac Glycoside
SODIUM BICARBONATE Sodium Bicarbonate- Class: Electrolyte
DILTIAZEM Cardizem- Class: Calcium Channel Blocker
ETOMIDATE Amidate- Class: Hypnotic
FENTANYL Sublimaze- Class: Narcotic Analgesic
HALIPERIDOL Halidol- Class: Antipsychotic
LABETALOL Normodyne- Class: Alpha & Beta Adrenergic
MIDAZOLAM Versed- Class: Sedative
NALOXONE Narcan- Class: Narcotic Antagonist
OXYTOCIN Oxytosin- Class: Hormone
SUCCINYLCHOLINE Anectine- Class: Depolarizing Neuromuscular Blocker
VASOPRESSIN Pitressin- Class: Hormone; Vasopressor
VECURONIUM Norcuron- Class: Nodepolarizing Skeletal Muscle relaxant
VERAPAMIL Isoptin- Class: Calcium Channel Blocker
LORAZEPAM Ativan- Class: Sedative
FLUMAZENIL Romazicon- Class: Benzodiazepine Antogonist
Created by: robillard.james