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may science alexis

science ch.9 lesson 1,2,

what is a fossil fuel? a energy source formed from the decayed remains of ancient plants and other organisms.
what are some examples of fossil fuels? coal, oil and natural gas
where did coal come from? millions of years ago in swampy regions where fern like plants grew
how did coal form? the remains of ancient swamp vegitation over time.
where does oil & natural gas come from? it is formed from algae and other organisms that have died - over millions of years ago.
the decayed material eventually forms ___ and ___. liquid and gas
why does oil and natural gas move up wards after they formed? oil and natural gas once formed move upward because they are less dence then the rock surronding them. they became trapped by rock that is too thick to pass through.
where is fossil fuels burned? in cars, power plants, homes, and factories
what is pollution? harmful waste products, chemicals, and substances found in the enviroment.
how many people died because of air pollution? 60,000
what is acid rain? a product when gases released by burning oil and coal mix with water in the air to form acidic rain or snow.
what is a nonrenewable source? resources that cannot be replaced by natural processes in less then 100 years.
are fossil fuels nonrenewable? yes, that means humans can run out of these important resources of energy someday.
what is a renewable resource? energy that can be recycled or replaced.
what uses energy from the sun? solar energy
what changes light into electicity? solar cells
one hour of energy reaches earth can last for how long? one year
what uses windmills? wind energy
what is a wind farm? many windmills in one area
what is hydroelectric power? using moving water
what are two sources of moving water? natural waterfalls and concrete dams
what are some disadvantages of hydroelectric power? it increases eroison downstream, wildlife habitats disturbed, and some places not near flowing water
what is geothermal energy? it is when you use the magma and hot rock beneath Earth's surface.
when magma close to Earth's surface what happens? geysers erupt
what is nuclear energy? produced by splitting nuclei of certain elements
what is another name for the splitting procces? fission
how long can coal last? 200-300 years
how many years does oil last? 30-40 years
what are the 4 renewable resources? sun, wind, water, and geohtermal energy
does energy from the sun cause pollution? NO
are many alternative sources of energy renewable or nonrenewable? renewable
how do we use wind? by sailing, flying kites, and when we use windmills.
who uses niagra falls fro hydrolelecrtic power? Canada and eastern North America
what are some disadvantages of dams? it starts sediment, erosion, land is flooded, and habitats disturbed
what are some disadvantages of geothermal energy? it releases salty water at earth's surface which causes plants and animals to get hurt, only a few places have magma, it is hard and expensive to drill for magma.
what is the most recent found fuel in nuclear power plants? uranium
what can nuclear energy cause? cancer, or have other harmfull effects on living things
how many years will the nuclear waste remain radioactive? for more than 10,000
worldwide how many countries use nuclear energy to generate electricity? 30 years
what percent of the world's energy is supplied by fossil fuels? 90 percent
what percent of Earth is covered by water? 70 percent
all living things need what kind of water to survive? clean water
what two things help shape Earth's surface? erosion and deposition
what continually moves water? the water cycle
how much of Earth's water is salt water? 97 percent
what is groundwater? water that soaks into the ground and collects in small spaces inbetween bits of soil and rock
in the U.S. how much groundwater provides us public water supply? 40 percent
where does surface water come from? fishing, swimming, cooking, and bathing
what is water pollution? harmful debris, chemicals, or biological materials added to water
what is a point source pollution? some pollution comes from a single, identifiable source
what is a nonpoitn source of pollution? a source of pollution that can't be traced back to an exect location
is land a renewable resource? YES
before building, what do the people have to look for? indangered plants or animals, the soil is right, and if it will effect the water
what affect do trees have on us? they make oxygen and carbonyhrates
what can carbon dioxide? global worming
what is global worming? a rise in tempurture around the world
what is conservation? the careful use of resources with the goal of resucing damage to the enviroment
is a tree a nonrenewable resource or a renewable resource? renewable resource
why are forests a nonrenewable resource? they are a complex ecosystem that supports countries living things
what is another source that is obtained by land? minerals
hwta is an ore? a mineral resource that can be mined at a profit
This is vital to earth Water
The earth is cover by what amount of water 70%
What percentage of the earth is land 30%
What are the two major sources of water used for the public water supply? Ground water and water found on the earth's surface
How many laws are there to reduce water pollution? 2
What are the two laws that help reduce water pollution? Safe Drinking Water Act and The Clean Water Act
What does the Safe Drinking Water Act do? ensures safe drinking water
What does the Clean Water Act do? gives states money to build water treatment plants
Is land a renewable resource? YES
The amount of land is ____________? limited
What are things that people must do use the land wisely? (1) preserve natural habitats and reduce soil erosion.
what are the three uses of land? Land, forests, minerals
What a re some things people must do when they use land? Preserve natural habitat and reduce soil
What is an important product from the forest? wood
What is it called when there is a careful use of resource to reduce environmental damage? conservation
What is it called when you limit the number of trees in one area are cut down and replaced? Select cutting
What is it called when all the trees in one area are cut down and replaced? clear cutting
This is a renewable resource that can be replenished by planting a tree? Tree
This is a renewable resource of a complex ecosystem? Forest
These are land resources found in rocks? minerals
This is a mineral at a profit? ore
Where is ore founded? under the earth surface
What is an example of a metal? Iron
What is iron? a type of metal
What is the process used to reach ore? Mining
What does mining do? It moves large qualities of soil and rock
What negative effects does mining have? It affects the enviroment
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