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Scientific Meth.

What is the scientific method? A way to solve a problem
What are the 5 steps of the scientific Method in order? 1. Problem 2. Hypothesis 3. Experiment 4. Observations 5. Conclusion
What do we call the question that is to be answered? Problem
What do we call an educated guess? Hypothesis
What do we call a test we perform to see if our hypothesis was accurate? Experiment
All the things you need to conduct the experiment are called Materials
The list of steps that you following during an experiment are called: Procedures
What do we call everything you see, smell, taste, touch or hear? Observation
What is the answer to your problem called? Conclusion
Something that CHANGES in an experiment is called a: Variable
What do we call the part of the experiment that is PURPOSELY changed by the experimentor (what we are testing)? Independent Variable
What do we call the part of the experiment that changes as a result of what we changed (what we are measuring)? Dependent Variable
What do we call the parts of an experiment that we keep the same for every group? Constants
What do we call the group without the independent variable that is used to compare our results to? Control Group
Observations or measurements you make during an experiment are called your: Data
An opinion about what might be happening based on your observations is an Inference
A random guess about the future is called a Prediction
How do you find the volume of an irregular shaped object (like a rock)? Calculate how much the water rises in a graduated cylinder
Something that CHANGES in an experiment is called a:
Why should you repeat an experiment?
What makes a fair test? Changing only ONE thing. (ONE independent variable)
To better see the relationship between our variables
What is a qualitative observation?
What is a quantitative observation? A description of matter that DOES involve numbers.
How must a hypothesis always be written? If....then I think....because....
What words should you use when writing an inference? Perhaps, maybe, possibly
What words should you use when writing an observation? I think, I see, I smell, I taste, or I feel
What type of observation is "the block is smooth, blue in color, and shiny"? Qualitative
What type of observation is "there are 6 blocks stacked 12 cm high"? Quantitative
Created by: sloanescience