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What iis the study of how traits are passed on from parents to their offspring? Genetics
Whhat are genes? Traits
Where are genes found? On Chromosomes
What do we call the different forms (or kinds) of a certain trait? Alleles
Hair color, Height and Eye shape are all examples of types of Genes
Brown hair, Blonde hair and Red hair are all examples of ________ for Hair color. Alleles
What are the sex chromosomes for a male? XY
What are the sex chromosomes for a female? XX
What is the only type of sex chromosome the female can pass on in her eggs? X
What sex chromosome can the male can pass on in his sperm? X or Y
Which parent determines the sex of the baby? Male (Dad)
If the male passes on a Y chromosome during fertilization, what will be the sex of the baby? Boy
What are some alleles of the eye color gene? Blue, green, hazel, brown
What do we call the allele that hides the trait of another allele so that it can not show if this allele is present? Dominant
What is the name of the allele whose trait is hidden when a dominant allele is present? Recessive
Which allele is represented with a CAPITAL letter? Dominant
Which allele is represented with a lowercase letter? Recessive
How many recessive alleles must an organism inherit in order for it to show? 2
What do we say an organism does when it receives traits form its parents? Inherits
What do we call an organism with two dominant or two recessive alleles for a trait? Purebred
What is another name for a purebred organism? Homozygous
What do we call an organism with one dominant and one recessive allele for a trait? Hybrid
What is another name for a hybrid organism? Heterozygous
What do we call the genetic make up of an organism or the genes it inherited? Genotype
What do we call the physical appearance of an organism or what it looks like? Phenotype
What is the name of the tool used to predict the probability of an organism inheriting a trait? Punnett Square
Can a punnett square tell you how many children a couple will have? NO!
Where are the fathers genes placed on a punnett square? TOP
Where are the mothers genes placed on a punnett square? SIDE
What tool is used to trace a specific trait through a family? Pedigree Chart
What shape represents a male on a pedigree chart? Square
What shape represents a female on a pedigree chart? Circle
What do we call traits that are carried on the X and Y (sex) chromosomes and are inherited along with the sex of the child? Sex-Linked Traits
What are 3 examples of sex-linked traits found on the X chromosome? Hemophilia, Colorblindness and Muscular Dystrophy
A female who inherits a sex linked gene but does not have the actual disorder is called a: Carrier
What do we call the disorder in which a person’s blood does not clot, or form a scab when injured. hemophilia
When the genes are neither dominant nor recessive, resulting in both genes being expressed (ex: spots), we call this trait: Co Dominant
Who crossed pea plants to investigate how traits are inherited? Gregoor Mendel
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