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Acquired immunity immunity gained through life experiences such as receiving a vaccination or from actually having the illness
Active immunity immunity gained from the work of the immune system; Memory cells make antibodies to protect from certain antigens
Allergen anything that produces an allergic response
Allergy an overreaction of the immune system to an ordinarily harmless antigen
Antibiotic substance that can inhibit or destroy susceptible microorganism
Antibodies a protein produced in the blood as an immune response to a specific antigen.; Y-shaped proteins that attack and destroy certain microbes that enter the body
Antigen a substance, such as a toxin, bacterium, or foreign cell, that when introduced into the body stimulates the production of an antibody ; anything that triggers a response from the immune system
Aortic arch curved blood vessel that becomes the dorsal aorta
Arteries blood vessels carry blood away from the heart
Bacteria single celled microscopic organisms that can only be seen with a microscope; they cause disease or help the human body
Blood pressure the pressure exerted by the blood against the walls of the vessels, especially the arteries
Blood vessel an elastic tubular channel, such as an artery, a vein, or a capillary, through which the blood circulates
Capillaries tiny blood vessels that carry blood between the smallest arteries and the smallest veins
Communicable disease disease that can be spread in a variety of ways. These microbes can be passed from one person to another with a simple handshake.
Complement accessory proteins of the immune system that help antibodies kill invaders and signal other cells to the “battlefield” to clean up
Cough to force from the lungs with a short noise or series of noises
Dermis inner layer of skin where sensors are found
Diarrhea abnormally frequent and watery bowel movement
Epidemic spreading rapidly among many individuals in an area
Epidermis outer layer of skin, which protects the living cells in the dermis
Fever whole body’s temperature rises, a sign that the body is fighting off an infection
Fungi almost like plants and have many cells, these creatures live off of plants and animals
Germ a microorganism that causes illness
B-cells white blood cells that produce the antibody immune response; they turn into plasma cells, which make antibodies
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