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Suffix/Prefix 1

A Without, lacking, not
Ab Away from
-ac Pertaining to
Acou Hear
Ad To, toward
Aden Gland
Adip Fat
-al Pertaining to
Alb White
-alg Pain
-algia Pain
All(o) Different
Ambi Both
Andr(o) Male
Angi(o) Blood vessel
Aniso Different in size
Ante Before, forward
Anti Against
Arterio Artery
Arthr(o) Joint
-ase Enzyme
Asthenia Weakness
-ate Use, subject to
Aud Hear
Aur Ear, hear
Aus Hear
Auto Self
Bi Two, double
Bio Life
Blast Immature cell
Bleph Eye lid
Brachi Arm
Brady Slow
Burs Sac
Can Malignant tumor
Capnia Carbon dioxide
Carbia Carbon dioxide
Carc Cancer
Card Heart
Cardio Heart
Carotid Neck artery
Carp Wrist
Caus Burn
Caut Burn
Cent Center
Cent 1/100th
Centesis Puncture with needle
Cephal Head
Chrom Color
Chrono Time
Cide Killing
Circum Around
Co With, together
Contra Against, opposed
Core Pupil
Cryo Cold
Cubitus Elbow
Cuss Shake
Cutaneous Skin
-cyte Cell
Cyan(o) Blue
Cyst(o) Bladder, sac
Dent Tooth
Derm Skin
Dextro Right
Di Two, twice, double
Dia Through, completely
Dys With difficulty
Echo Reflected signal
Ecto Out form
Ectomy Surgical removal
Ego (Gr) goat, (l) self
Emesis Vomit
-emia In the blood
Endo Within
Ep(I) On top of
Erythr(o) Red
Eu Normal
Fibr Fibers
Foramen Opening
Fract Break
Gastr(o) Stomach
Gen Become, produce
Genic Causing, forming
Gloss Tongue
Gluco Glucose
-gnosis Knowledge
-gram Written, recording
Hem(a)(o) Blood
Hemi Half
Hepat(o) Liver
Hydro Water
Hyper Excessive
Hypo Deficient
Hyster(o) Uterus
Idio Personal, strange
Infra Below
Inter Between
Intra Within
Ism Condition of
-itis Inflammation
Leuk(o) White
Lith(o) Stone
-lysis Destroying
Macro Large
Micro Small
Morph Shape
Nas(o) Nose
Neo New
Nephr(o) Kidney
Oid Likeness, resembles
-ology Science of
-oma Tumor
Ophthal Eye
-osis Condition of
Oxia Oxygen
Oxy Oxygen
Para Next to, by the side of
Path(o) Disease
Pheo Dusky color
Phleb(o) Vein
-phobia Fear
Photo Light
Phren Diaphragm
Plastic Substance (formed tissue)
-pnea Breathing
Pneum(o) Air, lung
Poeis Forming
Post After, behind
Pro Before, in front of
Pseud(o) False
Quad Four
Rhin(o) Nose
Sang Blood
Scler Hard
Stern(o) Sternum
Stoma Mouth, opening
Sub Under
Supra Above
Tachy Fast
Thermia Relating to temperature
Tri Three
Uni One
Vaso Vessel
Vivo Life
Xer(o) Dry
Zoo Non-human animal
Created by: Ashleighmedic