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MISD land/water cycl

Landforms & Earth

Can be made again and again Renewable Resource
The wearing away of sediments by water, waves, wind and ice Weathering
A giant wave caused by an earthquake under the ocean Tsunami
A mound of sand deposited by blowing wind Sand dune
Finger like formation from mineral slowly depositing from the roof of a cave Stalactites
A natural feature found on the Earth's surface Landform
Finger like cave formations formed by slow deposition that build up from the ground Stalagmites
This can move sand dunes and carve out arches Wind
A large flat area of land at the mouth of a river created by deposition of sediment Delta
A large underground chamber, typically of nature Cave
A deep valley caused by a river flowing through it Canyon
Sediments dropped to a new place Deposition
breaks sediments down weathering
When is the Science STAAR Test? May 15, 2019
A mound of sand deposited by blowing wind Sand dune
Formed by wind picking up sand and blasting a hole in the rock Desert Arch
The wise use and protection of natural resources Conservation
A large slow moving body of ice that deposits minerals and carves out U shaped valleys Glaciers
Ridges of water that move across water that transports sediments Waves
Caused by the tilt of the Earth Seasons
Caused by the gravitational pull of the moon Tides
another word for rain,snow,sleet or hail Precipitation
After the rain falls and the ground can no longer soak it all up and the water has to flow Run off
Examples: Water ring left on table from glass of ice water, steam on a mirror after a shower Condensation
when you can't see the moon New Moon
How much of our Earth is covered in water 75%
Oil, natural gas and coal Nonrenewable
How much of our water is salt water? 97%
The usual weather for a long period of time Climate
The day to day temperature that affect our daily lives Weather
plants,crops,people and man made things Renewable resources
Acquired from living matter Organic
Finer, silky and softer than sand Silt
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