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Caleb's flash cards

what is the Job of the Flagellum? Movement of the cell
Are Monerans (which are Prokaryotes) simple or complicated organisms? Why? Simple because they have no neculus
What are the 4 characteristics of Monerans? 1. Prokaryotic 2. Unicellular 3. Some move 4. auto and hetertropic
Spirillum spirally twisted bacteria
Name 3 ways that bacteria is used in biotechnology/industry? Lubricant, enzyms, cleaners
Why does the Red Sea appear red? because of the large amounts of Cyanobacteria in the water
All species of Cyanobacteria are what type of organism? one-celled/single-celled
Coccus A spherical bacterium
Flagellum a long lashlike appendage used for movement
What are cyanobacteria? monerans that are producers
Aerobe a bacterium that requires air
What is an antibiotic? a substance created by one organism that kills another
Pathogen any disease producing agent (virusetc.)
Heterotroph any organism requiring organic components
Prokaryote any cwllular organism that has no nuclear membrane
A bloom of cyanobacteria is produced when what happens? large amounts of nutrients enter a pond (or lake)
Endospore the inner coat of a spore-protective covering
What are the 3 main shapes of bacteria? 1. Sphere shape (cocci) 2. Rod-shaped (bacilli) 3. Spiral-shaped (spirilla)
Can you tell the shape of the bacteria from its name? Yes
What shape is the anthrax bacillus? a rod
What shape bacteria is streptococcus? sphere (cause of strept throat)
why do we need saprophytes? they digest dead things and recycle nutriants
some cyanobacteria live together in large chains also known as what? Filaments
What are nitrogen fixing bacteria? They change nitrogen from air into forms useful for plants and animals
What is a vaccine? damaged particles from bacteria
how do nitrogen fixing bacteria benifit plants and animals? The plants use the nitrogen and animals use it as fertilizer
What colors can cyanobacteria be? blue, green, red, yellow,or black
Fission The act of splitting into parts
Anaerobe an organism that doesn't require air
Bacillus any rod shaped bacterium
Autotrope any organism capable of self-nourishment
Why are cyanobacteria important? they make food in lakes and ponds
What is an aerobe? an organism that requires oxygen for resperation
What is an anaerobe? An organism that doesn't require oxygen for resperation
How does sexual reproduction in Monerans allow for bacteria to continuously change? in sexual reproduction a Moneran could exchange DNA with a different cell type
Some Monera are pathogens, which means what? it means they cause disease
What are 2 examples of Pathogens? Strept Throat and Tetanus
Unicellular Any bacteria with one cell
How does a vaccine work? it introduces a weaker form of the disease which builds up your immunity to said disease
What is a toxin? a posion that produces endospores
Toxins produce endospores that surround them for protection. How does the endospore protect toxins? With their thick walls
Capsule allows to stick on other substances
Saprophytes Any organism that lives on dead organic matter
Why is a bloom bad? it kills cyanobacteria
What are the 2 parts the Kingdom Monera is split into? Bacteria and Viruses
What is the job of a capsule? Help the bacteria to stick
A moneran is a saprohyte, which means what? it means that it uses dead material for food
In which process (sexual of asexual) is the offspring identical to the original? asexual
How do bacteria sexually reproduce? two bacteria move beside each other and exchange DNA through a fine tube
What does fission produce? Two cells with the same genetic makeups
Created by: Jonasrschnur