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plants are amazing

lecture 22

largest tree Giant swquoia
largest fungus Armillaria
largest clonal tree Quaking aspen
oldest tree bristlecone pine
cacti rehydrate fully in one day
resurrection plants can survive dehydration for months or years
Baobab tree has leaves in wet season and sheds leaves in dry season
Thorn trees in africa get water from aquifers
coco de mer produces the largest wild fruit and the heaviest seed
orchids have the smallest seeds
plants are protected by hairs wax, sugar lowers the freezing point of water
fig flowers are inside out
largest undivided leaf is in Rhubarb (gunnera Manicata)
largest aquatic plant Giant Amazonian waterlily (Victoria amazonica)
VOC message volatile organic compounds released by one plant to warn another of attack
Created by: MKHealy