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8th CK Sound AFRICA


Whisper Song/Inanga Chuchotee a style of music unique to Burundi that involves a vocalist who whispers along with a tree zither.
Zither a flat wooden soundboard over which strings are stretched; the instrument is commonly plucked, but may be strummed or bowed as well
Inanga the name of the concave tree zither in Burundi
Ikivumu the tree used for making the inanga
Amenyo and Amano the “teeth and toes” on the inanga used to tighten and hold the strings
Pitch the location of a sound in a tonal scale dependent upon the speed of vibrations from the source of the sound
Overtone a pitch that is relative or perceived by the human ear to be higher than the actual source tone; overtones are related to the original pitch usually by fractions of their original frequency
Frequency the speed of the vibrations of a sound source
Pygmy small or dwarflike
Polyphony many sounds at once as melody
Ethnomusicologist a person who studies indigenous music
Elobaye “hello, how are you”
Ejenji a forest mystic who is believed to have telepathic power
Esime percussion break with intense dance and sparse improvised singing
Eboka intense polyphonic song usually accompanied by drums or clapping that calls out the Mokoondi; this form rises and falls with intensity as it blends in and out of Esime
Elanda - simple party music
Lokoondo intense polyphonic women’s song, usually involving their own Mokoondi
Elelo funeral singing
Geedal harp
Mondume harp zither
Mobio open ended four hole flute
Earth Bow a living sapling tied down to the ground with rope and held there with a wooden peg; the rope is plucked generating a deep resonating sound
Created by: artisteacher