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bacteria and viruses

lecture 15

bacteria are single celled prokaryotes
bacterial shapes include rods, cocci and spiral
bacteria may be photosynthetic, scavengers or heterotrophic
bacteria reproduce asexually by binary fission
an apoplast is an area outside the cell membrane
the greater the number of stomata the more susceptible the plant is to disease
stages in the bacterial growth curve lag, log, stationary and death
Pseudomonas syringae rod shaped bacterial pathogen..brown spot disease
pathovar means a type of variety of the disease
coryneum blight is a fungal infection which causes shot hole disease
viruses consist of DNA/ RNA and a protein coat
an obligate parasite can only live inside in a cell
steps in viral replication are attachment, uncoating, synthesis and release
Plasmodesmata junctions between cells. viruses move through them
Aphids are vectors for disease
an example of a plant virus is Potato virus Y
symptoms of potato virus Y include crinkling, necrosis, and leaf drop
to control potato virus Y burn of the stalks early in the season
Created by: MKHealy