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7th Grade Science

1st Semester questions in 7th grade science to study for MId-terms

Name 2 methods scientist use to obtain empirical evidence In the field and in the lab
What basic requirements must a hypothesis have? -Testable by experiment or observations -Independant and Dependant Varibles
List the steps to the scientific method -Defining a problem -Research -Hypothesis and Prediction -Planning investigation -Identifying Variables -Collecting/Organizing Data -Interpreting Data/Analyzing Information -Drawing/Defending Conclusions
How many steps are in the scientific method? 6 Basic Steps
What is the Independent variable? What the scientist changes in the experiment
What is the dependant variable? The reactions to the scientist change in a experiment
What is a wave? A disturbance that transfers energy from one place to another
What is a longitudinal wave? A wave when particles move back and forth in the same direction as the wave or parallel to the wave
What is a transverse wave? a wave where particles move perpendicularly to the direction the wave travels
What wave requires a medium in which to travel? A mechanical wave
What are the different forms of energy?(MRS.CHEN) Mechanical, Radiant, Sound, Chemical, Heat, Electric, Nuclear
What does the law of conservation of energy state? Energy cannot be created or destroyed
What is conduction? Transfer of energy from one substance to another through direct contact
What is convection? Transfer of energy through a liquid or gas
What is radiation? Transfer of energy through electromagnetic waves?
List the levels of organization from largest to smallest Ecosystem, Community, Population, Individual
What is a community? A group of many species
What is a population? A group of one species
What is an organism's habitat? Its shelter or where it lives
What is an organism's niche? Its role in a ecosystem
How are organisms connected to their nonliving environment? Organisms use abiotic elements in their ecosystem for water, habitat, and nutrients
What do all food chains start with? Producers
Herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores are all types of what? Consumers
What is the decomposers role in a environment? The breaking down of dead organisms
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