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Bio Fall 2016


A bacterium reproduces by making a copy of itself, growing, then dividing into 2 separate, genetically identical cells. This process is called.... Binary fission
An elephant is such larger than a mouse, because it is made of more cells, there is a limit to how large cells can grow. What is that reason? as cells grow bigger they are unable to get enough nutrients through their membrane to keep them growing
In order to fit all the DNA into the nucleus, it must be highly organized. To start this process the DNA... wraps around a histone protein
What happens in the G2 phase? A cell's DNA is replicated
Nitrogen fixation is primarily carried out by... Bacteria
What process returns water vapor to air? Water evaporates from Lakes, Rivers and other bodies of water
True of False. Transpiration is a process that helps carbon cycles through the biosphere. False
What is the equation for cellular Respiration? 6CO2 + C6H12O6 --> 6CO2 + 6H2O + Energy
Why is it essential for some organisms to use both fermentation and anaerobic respiration? It allows for increased ATP production when Oxygen is limited
Movements of energy and nutrients through living systems are different because... Energy flows in 1 direction and nutrients recycle
What would happen if you removed carbon dioxide from a plant's environment? Fewer sugars would be produced
What is the Golgi Apparatus job? To manage the process by which proteins are sorted and packaged to be sent where they are needed
What are the channels, within the cell membrane, that help move materials from 1 side to the other made of? protein
A cell membrane is selectively permeable to water, if a Red blood cell was placed into highly concentrated salt water, what would happen? Water would leave the cell, decreasing in size
What is active transport? The transportation of molecules into and out of the sell using energy.
The net movement of molecules from a high concentration to a low concentration is called... Diffusion
The movement of water across a selectively permeable membrane os called... Osmosis
An animal cell surrounded by pure water will burst because osmosis would cause.... water to move into the cell
Carbon Dioxide, Water and Glucose are ALL products of... photosynthesis
When a phosphate group is removed energy is released from ATP
After amino acids are strung together by ribosomes, the amino acid chain is able to enter what organelle? Rough ER
What is the Nucleus job? Store DNA, Contain information to make proteins, holds ribosome synthesis
The cytoskeleton is involved in cell structure and ... movement
This organelle manages the process of which worn out organelles, food particles and engulfed viruses and bacteria are digested. Lysosomes
The Vesicle is a small membrane bound sac that.... moves products into, out of, and within a cell
Rough ER has ________ attached to it. Mitochondria
In which type of cell would you find a nucleus in? Eukaryotic
What happens when carbohydrate monomers join together to make a polymer? Water is removed form the molecules using dehydration synthesis reaction.
Atoms are _____ in chemical reactions. rearranged
Trypsin is an enzyme found in your stomach, where pH is 2.0. If this was removed the pH of your blood would be 7.4, what would you expect to happen? the enemy would denature and no longer function.
After Sucrase breaks down table sugar into fructose what happens to the enzyme? It remains unchanged nd can be reused to catalyze more reactions.
What pairs a monomer with its polymer? Nucleotides
What is a hydrolysis reaction? when polymers are broken apart in your cells to be used for energy.
What happens when a Calcium atom loses 2 electrons to 2 atoms of chlorine an ionic bond is formed
A covalent bond is... sharing of electrons
2 atoms of hydrogen joined to 1 atom of oxygen by a polar covalent bone describes the structure of what molecule? water
what kind of molecules are built around chains of Carbon atoms? Organic
What are the 4 elements that make up 96% of all living matter? Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Oxygen
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