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Schwann cell type of neural cell found in peripheral nervous system that form Myelin sheath
Threshold minimum change thet is required to generate
Columnar rectangular cell type Ex:digestive tract & oviduct
Pseudostratified a layered epithelial tissue that has no true layers because are side touches the basement membrane
Stratified epithelia epithelia has layers of cells piled on top of each other
Ceratinocytes building blocks of fibrous protein:keratin found in epidermis tha gives structure and waterproofing(hair,nails,skin)
Multipolar neurons neurons that have only one axon -efferent -interneurons
Action Potential change in polanity in oxon when transmition occures -gated ion ch.(open according stimulus) -ungated ion ch.(are always open)
Neurotransmiter a chemical that enables neurotransmission and binds to ligand gated open them:dopamine(pleasure,acetylcohline,seratonine,norepinephrine(learning) (mood)
Cuboidal cube like cells Ex:kidney &glands
Synapse region where terminal of 1st neuron &dendrite or cell body of the 2nd come close but don't touch
Node of Ranvier unmyelinated part of an axon where transmission of impulses occures faster
Astrocytes type of neuroglia that produces a hormone"glia-derived"growth factor~cure for Parkin son disease. Supports neurons,provide nutrient and synapses
Oligendrocytes type of neuroglial cell that forms Mylin sheath
Microglia a type of neuroglia that engulfs bacterial &cellular debris
Protein fibers a common component of connective tissue where are included: 1)collagen(flexibility & strength 2)reticular(thin & support) 3)elastic(elasticity)
Arrector Pilimuscle muscle found in dermis that is responsible for goosebumps
Melanocytes a spider shaped cell that synthesis melanin~pigment for skin color.It increases in contact with UV light
Sebaceous gland a gland found in dermis that secretes sebum wich then covers hair and epidermis to make them waterproof and protect from cracking
Hypodermis the 3rd layer of skin that is an anchor for skin to attach to muscle/bone.Adipose tissue that isulates and is shock proof
D-Vitamin synthesis 2+ process of absorbition of Ca fromm digestive tract &blood when a similar to chalesteral molecule contracts our skin
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