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How people are grouped by society Social Groups
The element that is the strongest unifying force and holds a culture together is... Language
How people describe what they think is beautiful and meaningful Art
How people are ruled Government
How people use resources to earn a living Economy
How people answer questions about the meaning of life Religion
How people react to events of the past History
How people meet their basic needs Daily Life
How people communicate Language
The element in which children learn the rules of behavior within their society is... Social Groups
The element that describes the successes and/or challenges of a group of people is... History
Irish Gaelic is becoming increasingly popular and is spoken in parts of the counties of Kerry, Galway, and Donegal. Language
Couscous, often cooked with lamb or chicken and vegetables, is perhaps Algeria's most popular dish Daily life (food)
From 1975 to 1979 close to two million people were killed or died of starvation and disease in Cambodia. History (challenge)
Ballroom, modern, and traditional dance are popular in Kazakhstan. Art (dance)
The traditional clothing of the gauchos (cowboys) of the Pampas region of Argentina includes a wide-brimmed hat, neckerchief, bombachas (wide-legged pants), and boots. Daily Life (clothing)
Margaret's favorite book is Birds Without a Nest by Clorinda Matto de Turner. Art (literature)
Alexandra is a 16-year-old Haitian female. Social Groups (age, ethnicity, gender)
Oliver worships every Sunday at Trinity Lutheran Church. Religion
Sawyer is going to see Jackson Pollock's most famous paintings on display in London next week. Art (paintings)
Karl has tickets to the Alicia Keys concert at the Denny Sanford Premier Center tonight. Art (music)
Girls are often the victims of violent attacks for attending school in Pakistan. Social Groups (gender)
There are a lot of job opportunities in Greenland especially in the fishing industry. Economy
Emershan is a member of the Zulu tribe in South Africa. Social Groups (ethnicity)
The majority of people in Japan practice a combination of Buddhism and Shinto. Religion
Syria is ruled by dictator Bashar al-Assad. Government
Australia Day, celebrated on January 26, commemorates the arrival of the first European settlers to the island nation. History (success)
Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany, announced she will run for reelection in 2017. Government
Sugar refining is an important industry in Cuba. Economy
Ni hao is a Mandarin greeting spoken by over 850 million people in Southeast Asia. Language
Income from ecotourism helps protect approximately two-thirds of Costa Rica's rainforests. Economy
In 1992, drought and war caused widespread suffering and death in Somalia. History (challenge)
The Swiss-style wooden house with a balcony is popular in Switzerland's mountain villages and resorts. Daily Life (shelter)
In India, the father or oldest male in the home is head of the household; his decisions are heeded and respected by the rest of the family. Social Groups (age, gender)
Venezuela is a member of OPEC and oil accounts for virtually all export earnings. Economy
Bengali is derived from Sanskrit but contains some Persian, Arabic, Turkic, and English vocabulary. Language
Broadway musicals are quite popular in the United States, and the best tour the nation. Art (music, theater)
Major healthcare concerns in Madagascar include malnutrition, diarrhea, cholera, malaria, and other diseases. Economy
The literacy rate in Iceland is 99%. Daily Life (education)
South Sudan won its independence from Sudan in 2011. History (success)
Krista works two jobs so she has enough money to pay all her bills. Economy
The belief that your culture is better than every other culture is... ethnocentrism
The process of learning your culture, often from the time you are very young is... enculturation
The most important social group in every culture throughout the world is... family
The type of government that can do whatever the leader wants, including taking rights away from its citizens is... unlimited (dictatorship)
paintings, sculpture, dance, literature, theater... Art
farmer, rancher, lawyer, teacher, doctor, welder... Economy
president, dictator, king, queen, prime minister... Government
wars, inventions, medical cures, terror attacks, celebrations... History
Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism... Religion
food, clothing, shelter, activities Daily Life
age, race, gender, ethnicity, income levels... Social Groups
American English, Swahili, Creole, Bengali, Spanish... Language
Kim thinks Kadidia's family is strange because they eat their meals together from same bowls. ethnocentrism
Jose was taught by his parents that family is important and has always celebrated holidays and birthdays together. enculturation
The type of government that restricts the powers of its leader and gives rights to the citizens is... limited (democracy)
When Ben traveled to Afghanistan, he thought the people playing a game of buzkashi (each player rides a horse, and each team tries to capture a headless goat’s carcass and carry it across a goal line before the other team can) were strange. ethnocentrism
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