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Root Word Exam

A (an) Without, not
Bio Life, living
Mono One, single
Hypo Below, under
Thesis Arranging
Vari Change
In (il, im) Without, not
-logy Study of
Mer Part
Con (co) With, together
-ose Sugar
Bi Two, double
Pro Before, for
Lip (lipo, lipus) Fat
Poly Many
Nucle Nut
Cyto Cell, hollow
Soma Body
Mito Thread
Plasm (plast) Formed, molded
Vac To empty
Milli One thousandth
Nano Dwarf, one billionth
Scop Watch, look
Kilo One thousand
Cell Chamber
Ell Small
Eu Good, well
Karyon Nut, nucleus
Micro Small
Lys Dissolve, loose
Uni One, single
-ide Chemical
Mole Mass
Cul Little
-zym Induces change
Tri Three
Sacchar Sugar
En (endo) Into
Hydro Water
Chloro Green
Philo Love
Phobic Fear, hate
Phyll Leaf
Osmos Pushing
Bact Rod, staff
Aero Air, gas, oxygen
Iso Equal
Hyper Above, exessive
E(xo) Outside, out
Equi Equal
Ana Up, backward, again
Cat Down
Photo Light
Sis Process of
Respir To breath
Satur Full
-ase Enzyme
Ad To, toward
Macro Large
Di Two, double
Glyco Sweet
Adipo (adeps) Fat
Hes (her) Stick, cling
Amylo Starch
Solut Loosen
Penta Five
Hexa Six
Hepta Seven
Sens To feel, sense
Ten Hold
Ced Go, move
Intra Within
Ton Tension, pressure
Turg Swell, swollen
Pino Drink, dirt
Phago Eat
Syn (sym) With, together
Dendro Tree
Epi Upon, over, beside
Infra Below, beneath
Ultra Above, beyomd
Stasis Standing
Tel Far, web, delete
Stoma Mouth
Cle Small
Sub Below, beneath
Cili Small hair
Pneumo Lung
Hormo Chain, instigate
Emia Blood
Trache Windpipe
Plumo Lung
Ren Kidney
Amni Fetal membrane
Sept Wall, seven
Created by: Barbosa75