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Science 7nd Qtr CA

2nd qtr common assessment study guide 16-17

Where are electrons located? Outside of the nucleus
What charge do electrons have? Negative Charge
Name the 3 basic parts of circuits Battery, Bulb & Wires
Other names for3 basic parts of circuits Battery ~ energy source; Bulb ~ resistor, receiver, load; Wires ~ Conductors
Is a switch necessary in a circuit No, but a switch makes it easier to turn on & off.
What is the transfer of energy when molecules bump into each other? "Direct contact and pan to hand" Conduction
Transfer of thermal energy by movement of molecules / particles of matter. Convection
Transfer of thermal energy in form of electro magnetic waves / rays. Radiation
Material allows electricity to flow through easily. Conductor
Does not allow electricity to flow through easily Insulator
Not a complete path/loop for electricity to flow Open Circuit
Complete path / loop for electricity to flow Closed Circuit
Thing in an experiment that "I control" or "I change" Independent Variable (IV)
Thing in an experiment that is measured and happens as a result of IV (interdependent variable) Dependent Variable (DV)
used for comparison Control
Thing that is kept the same (can only change 1 thing to be valid results and that is the IV) Constant
Layer closest to earth's surface; weather occurs here; temp gets colder as altitude goes up Troposphere
Contains ozone layer that protects us from sun's harmful UV rays; temp gets warmer as altitude goes up Stratosphere
Most meteors burn up here; temp gets colder as altitude goes up; contains ionosphere Thermosphere
Furthest layer from earth; temp gets warmer as altitude goes up Exosphere
If the ozone layer disappeared, life on earth would be exposed to _ _ _ _ _ _ concentrations of ultraviolet radiation (UV) Higher
Altitude layers are distinguished by their Altitude, temperature & composition.
As altitude increases, ___ ________ increases. Air pressure
______ _____ are a massive movement of air around the globe/world caused because of pressure differences Global Winds
_____ _____ are similar but on a smaller scale Local Winds
The different types of winds. Steady winds from East to West between 30 degrees and 30 degrees South Trade Winds
Steady winds West to East and between 30 degrees north 60 degrees north and 30 degrees south Westerly Winds
Cold wind East to West near North and South poles Polar Easterly winds
Narrow band of high winds at top of troposphere that influence weather Jet Streams
What is the coriolis effect Earths rotation causes moving air and water to appear to move to the right in the northern hemisphere and to the left in the southern hemisphere
Describe how the sun heats the earth Sun hits the earth's surface and solar radiation is absorbed. Molecules closest to earth transform thermal energy from molecules heading / colliding with each other through conduction. Newly warmed air becomes less dense and moves / flows through process
Difference between land breezes and sea breezes Land heats and cools faster than sea/water.
How does earth's rotation affect wind direction Wind blows in the opposite direction of the direction earth is spinning.
Explain how uneven heating causes air to move Uneven heating comes from the angle that the sun is hitting the earth. Warmer climates have lower air pressure and cooler climates have higher air pressure. This causes moving air or wind.
Explain the differences between renewable an non-renewable resources. Renewable can be replaced as fast as they are used but non renewable cannot be replaced or it takes a very long time faster than they are used.
What two things happen when sunlight hits earth Sunlight is absorbed or reflected
____ is amount of matter in an object and ______ is gravitational pull of object. Mass Weight
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