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Unit 2A Lesson 4

Quiz- Biogeography

The Artic Rabbit is small, has keen eyesight, strong legs, and white fur. Which of these adaptations are specifically suited to the Artic? White Fur (All the other adaptations would be helpful anywhere)
According to 'Continental Drift theory" land regions that are _________ ____________ should have the greatest similarities in fossil types Closer together
List three methods of seed dispersal Wind, water, animal feces
What is an invasive species? A non native species that flourishes in an environment and displaces other species.
What is an endotherm? An animal that maintains it's own constant body temperature. (Example: Humans)
What is an ectotherm? An animal that is not able to maintain a constant body temperature (Example: Reptiles)
Which land biome has the greatest diversity of plant species? Rainforest
Which land biome has the least diversity of plant species? Tundra
What is a biome? An ecosystem with specific climates and organisms Examples: Tundra, Taiga, Rain Forest, Grassland, and Desert
What is an abiotic factor in a biome? A non-living part of an ecosystem. (Examples: Sunlight, water, temperature)
Sunlight is an essential source of energy to all aquatic ecosystems except for: Ocean hydrothermal vents.
Land biomes are distinguished by: Climate (Water availability and temperature)
Aquatic biomes are distinguished by: Salt concentration
A plant transported from the desert to the tundra will likely die even though the amount of water is the same. Why? Temperature: The tundra is too cold!
A plant transported from the rain forest to the desert will likely die even though the temperatures are similar. Why? Water: There is very little water in the desert.
What is the theory of Continental Drift? The theory that the continents of today drifted apart from one large supercontinent that existed long ago.
What is a biotic factor in an ecosystem? A living or once living part of an organisms habitat.
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