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World Studies

These are The best study stack notes for world studies

Fossil Fuels Oil and Natural Gas/ Nonrenewable resources
Desalination Removal of salt from sea water
Irrigation Bringing water to crops
Religion People's spiritual beliefs about a god
Monotheism Worshiping only one god
Islam Followers are Muslim, word for god is Allah, holy book is Quran, place of worship is a mosque
Hunter/Gatherers Worked full time to meet basic needs
Mesopotania A valley between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers
Civilization A culture with people who have specialized jobs
O.P.E.C. Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
Diverse economy To rely on more than one source of income
Oasis Place in a desert where water can be found
Delta Soil carried downstream and deposited at the mouth of a river
Desertification Land becomes barren and useless usually because of deforestation
Suez Canal Connects Mediterranean sea and the Red sea, and shortens travel
Strait of Gibralter Joins Mediterranean sea and the Atlantic ocean and seperates Morocco and Spain
Aggriculture Growing crops and raising livestock
Pharaoh Ruler of ancient egypt
Scribe A person trained to write in ancient egypt
4000 bc First cities with organized governments
Sumer Had cuneiform writing irrigation
City/State Small country like: Sumer, Akkad, Babylon, and Assyria
Nomads People who move from place to place grazing their flocks and have no permanent home place
Life Expectancy How long an average person lives
GDP The value of goods and services produced in a year
GDP Per Capita Average Salary for a working adult
Literacy Rate The percent of people who can read, write, and do simple math
Rural Living in the country
Urban Living in the city
Government group of people who can create and enforce laws
limited government actions of the rulers are limited by the laws
unlimited government actions of the leaders are not bound by law
representative democracy the people elect others to make decisions
monarchy leader is the next person in the family line
dictatorship leader takes complete control of government
civic participation voting, knowing/obeying laws, paying taxes, and serving on juries
economy how people use resources to meet their needs and wants
economic system the ways to produce and distribute goods and services
produce to make or grow
distribute to send to places
free enterprise individuals may own businesses, make decisions about buying and selling, and the government makes the rules
communist economy government makes all economic decisions
global trade buying and selling products between nations
exports goods shipped out to other nations
imports goods produced in another country and brought in to be sold
industrialized nation strong manufacturing and large mechanical farms
developing nation few factories manual farming limited healthcare and education
subsistence farming family plot of land that can grow just enough for basic needs with no surplus
immigrate to come into a country to live permanently
diplomacy making decisions through discussion
economic region where people do work based on resources
culture the way of life of a group of people; food, arts, religion, dress
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