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Science Chapter 9

science chapter 9

Water that is found in Lakes, streams, and rivers. Surface water
Water that soaks into the ground and collects in small spaces between bits of soil and rock. Ground water
__________ is the process of removing ores from earths crust. Mining
Pollution that can be traced back to a single or specific place of origin. Point Source
The Largest amount of water on earth is salt water, found in the __________. Oceans
A mineral source that can be mined at a profit. Ore
What percent of earth is covered by water? Seventy
The Removal of all trees in one area is called? Clear Cutting
Even though trees are considered renewable _________ are not. Forests
Pollution sources that come from many different places, such as industries, homes, and farms and are difficult to trace their origins. Nonpoint Source
One benefit from ___________ is that they absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. forest
Metal objects come from what? Mineral resources
What is the careful use of resources with the goal of reducing damage to the enviroment. Conservation
Resources that can't be replaced within 100 years. nonrenewable resources
Energy resources formed from decaying remains of ancient plants and animals. Fossil fuels
Energy from the Sun Solar Energy
Energy produced by splitting atomic nuclei Nuclear Energy
Heat Energy from below the earths surface that can be used to generate electricity. Geothermal energy
Introduction of harmful substances into the inviroment. Pollution
Electricity produced by using moving water. hydroelectric power
Produced when gases from burning coal and oil mix with water vapor that then condenses Acid Rain
Energy resource that can be recycled or replaced by natural process in less than 100 years. ie...wind renewable resources
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