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The Boy Who Dared


Herr Mister
flat apartment
SA storm trooper or brown shirt
SS elite protective squad
Fatherland homeland
opa grandpa
oma grandma
flank one side of
meager not enough of something
tenement run-down housing
inflation a persistent, rise in the level of prices
Jungvolk Nazi youth group
gramophone phonograph
Reichtag German parliament building
culprit guilty person
arsonist someone who intentionally sets fire to a building or structure
boycott to abstain from buying or using a product
satchel a small bag with a shoulder strap
zealous intense
denounce to criticize publicly
incredulous unbelievable
anarchist a person who rebels against any authority
deferment postponement
disclosed revealed
Idealism the pursuit of high or noble principles, morals, goals, etc.
Mutti mother
Created by: HockeyEllie2005