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Cancer and Mitosis

How does cell division differ between a normal cell and a cancerous cell? Cancer cells do not follow any signals given by proto-oncogenes and will divide at any time.
What is the cause of cancer? (scientific) Changes in DNA
During what part of a cells life does damage occur to cause cancer? G1
What is an oncogene? What is their source? Oncogenes are genes responsible for making cells divide. Their source is proto-oncogenes
What is a tumor suppressor gene? A tumor suppressor gene stops cell division.
What is angiogenesis? Angiogenesis is the process which tumors trick the body to provide them with nutrients and increase the blood levels.
What is metastasis? Metastasis is the movement of the tumor cells throughout the body
What is apoptosis? Apoptosis is cell suicide
What are some factors that can result in cancer? (Causes) Chemicals (smoking), family history, radiation, UV Light
What happens when damage occurs to the genes that regulate the cell cycle? Tumor suppressors stop working and cell division becomes uncontrollable.
What happens in the G1 phase? Growth
What happens in the S phase? Copies DNA
What happens in the G2 phase? Prepares for Chromosome seperation
What do centrosomes create? Centrosomes create spindle fibers
What do spindle fibers do? Spindle fibers help guide the chromosomes to the poles of the cell
What happens to DNA in prophase? DNA Condenses into chromosomes
What is DNA in loose strands called? DNA in loose strands is called chromatin
Where do centrosomes move to in prophase? Centrosomes move farther away from each other in prophase
Where are chromosomes in metaphase? Center of the cell
Where are chromosomes in anaphase? Chromosomes have just seperate at the centromere
Where are chromosomes in telophase? Chromosomes are at the poles of the cell
What kind of organism uses binary fission? Bacteria
A or S: 1 Organism Asexual
A or S: No moving Asexual
A or S: Less energy required Asexual
A or S: Genetic Variation Sexual
A or S: Lots of energy required Sexual
A or S: 2 Organisms Sexual
A or S: Adaptable Sexual
A or S: Cannot be wiped out by single disease Sexual
A or S: Several months Sexual
A or S: Quick Asexual
What type of organisms do asexual reproduction? Plants and unicellular organisms
What type of organisms do sexual reproduction? Mammals and fish
What does bacteria do before it divides? Makes copy of its DNA
What is fragmentation? An organism splits into pieces and each piece develops into a new organism
What organisms use fragmentations? Worms, starfish
What is budding? An organism forms a growth that develops into a new organism and then breaks off
What organisms use budding? Jellyfish
What type of organisms uses sporulation? Mushrooms
What causes sexual reproduction in fungi? Adverse Conditions (bad)
What is an alteration in a gene called? Mutation
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