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Bando Concerto

Basically concert band

All I Do Is Win Jay Bocook
Funkytown Ralph Ford
Uptown Funk Victor Lopez
Chestnuts Michael Sweeney
Feliz Navidad John Moss
Hallelujiah composed by George Handel/ arranged by Clair Johnson
Here Comes Santa Claus Paul Murphy
Witch of Endor R.E. Hildreth
8 to 5 marching eight steps to five yards
Accent emphasis on a note
Crescendo to gradually make a note or melody louder
Decrescendo to gradually make a note or melody softer
Dynamics loud to soft, ranging from pianissimo, pp, to fortissimo, ff
Pianissimo very soft
Piano soft
Mezzopiano medium-soft
Mezzoforte medium-loud
Forte loud
Fortissimo very loud
Fermata lengthening of a note
Intonation to be in the same frequency
Marcato sudden accent
Rank vs. File rank is left to right, file is front to back
sfz-Sforzando sudden accent
Slur joining two different pitches without separation
Staccato shortened pitch
Tempo Speed
Accidentals notes that defy key signatures
Rhythm repeated pattern of beats
Tenuto Full value of note
Tie joining two equal pitches without separation
Time signature Beats in measure/Note that gets beat
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